Details of FEI Investigation Announced

Sunday, May 31, 2009
Posted by Christy

The FEI President has recently established an Ethics Panel in accordance with Article 38 of the FEI Statutes. The Panel is to investigate and assess certain matters concerning the German Equestrian Team that may constitute violations of the relevant FEI rules and make recommendations on a course of action. It has been asked to consider the following:

(1) Whether a violation, or indeed violations of FEI rules, Olympic rules or any other relevant state laws have or are likely to have taken place;

(2) If indeed they have or are likely to have, by whom;

(3) Whether any Olympic medals or standings are likely to be affected by what has taken place (whether at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games or at previous Games);

(4) Whether individuals who had knowledge of happenings that could constitute rule violations had a duty to inform the FEI and/or the IOC about them;

(5) If the Panel finds that they did, why this was not done;

(6) Assess the relevant evidence and determine whether cases can or should be brought against any individuals or organizations;

(7) Recommend a course of action, including whether or not cases should be brought to the FEI Tribunal or any other relevant judicial body, and whether any other actions should be taken to safeguard the interests of the sport.

The Panel has considered some preliminary information and is of the opinion that there may have been breaches of FEI rules by riders, team officials and National Federation representatives, and concludes that it should continue to carry out a detailed investigation in order to make specific recommendations to the FEI President on these matters.

In the interests of efficiency and speed, the Panel members considered that the gathering of further information and evidence should be carried out by expert professional investigators. Quest was chosen for this purpose. The Panel Chair is also the Chairman of Quest, and, therefore, the selection was made by the other members of the Panel, and without participation of the Chair.

The Panel recommends that during the course of investigation, no actions that may pre-empt the effectiveness of these efforts should be carried out by National Federations or others, as these may limit the investigation.

Every effort will be made to conclude this investigation as promptly as possible, and regular reports will be made to the FEI President.

Anyone that may have relevant information or evidence is invited to contact Quest confidentially on +44 20 7224 4004.