Deep Discount with FlyHFR.com - Item For Bidding at Equestrian Aid Fundraiser

Saturday, February 20, 2010

HFR International Horse Transport

Deep Discount of $1500 for Quarantine in Miami or New York
Thank You Humberto Rivera!
Fly with the best... fly with HFR! Meet Humberto a sponsor at the EAF Fundraiser March 4 at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby
With over ten years of experience in worldwide horse transport, HFR International ensures your horse arrives at its destination in top condition. Every client of HFR International has access to regularly scheduled flights to and from Europe as well as any other desired destination in the world. Experienced and professional attendants on the ground and in the air make travel from departure to landing as smooth and stress free as possible. Upon arrival, HFR handles all quarantine concerns and is able to make any ground transportation arrangements necessary to get your horse to its final destination.
Check out our article on [#25253 override="Flying with the Horses" title="Flying with the Horses"] and read Mary Phelps’ account of flying last summer back from Aachen.