Daily Dose Equine Offers Feed Consultations at the Customer’s Farm With Follow-Up Visits.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
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“Balancing the vitamin/mineral requirements for a performance horse is a daunting task and most people don’t have the time to do this, so they end up using supplements, which can throw their horse out of balance,” Janet notes. “How much vitamin D do you add? How much vitamin A do you add? And how about Selenium? The concept of Daily Dose Equine is to provide the best of the best in nutrition and ingredients and take the guesswork out of the hands of the owners and trainers. Our feeds provide balanced nutrition, so no additional supplements are needed.” And the cost is comparable to many of the feeds that are on the market but since you use less with no fillers, you actually start saving right away.

Daily Dose Equine offers feed consultations at the customer’s farm and provides follow-up visits. “We visit all of our customers’ farms to see how their horses are doing,” Janet says. “We help them choose the right product and are available to answer questions. Choosing the base that is right for your horse helps the horse focus on his work. We also provide feed solutions for metabolic shutdown, ulcers, laminitis, overweight animals and athletes. We fit the product to the situation and to the customer’s budget.”

Janet developed the concept for Daily Dose Equine when she solved a problem she was having with three of her own horses four years ago – they were overweight, all for different reasons: one had metabolically shut down, another had EPSM, and another was just too fat, making Janet afraid he would founder even though he was being fed only a handful of grain. “I knew I had to change their diet, but I really had a tough time finding all natural, organic products on the market,” Janet recounts. After locating products that met her standards, Janet created specific feed plans and solved her horses’ weight issues. “All I did was change their diet,” she says. “They’re doing beautifully. They’re working and they lost weight. They look fantastic.”

While she achieved success through diet based on her knowledge of biology, Janet realized that most horse owners and trainers don’t understand how to feed their horses and how to balance their diets. They follow a brand that they are used to, and in many cases, the formulas have changed dramatically over the years and often not for the better. “A horse’s digestive tract is very different from a human’s – plus, a performance horse is an athlete,” she points out. “Hay and grass are the most important parts of a diet for a horse, but then the nutrition that was once in our soils is now gone, leaving us to add grain into the diet. There are many brands on the market offering products with grains that carry mold and bacteria, and products with numerous fillers added. If you want to feed your horse a different diet – one with no fillers, no contaminants, and the best in nutrition without having to worry about balancing the diet – you might not know what to feed. That’s where Daily Dose Equine comes in.”

All the products offered at Daily Dose Equine are made from organic and human grade ingredients and are safe to feed because they contain no soy, no fillers, no by-products, no antibiotics, no chemical preservatives, and no contaminants. Janet points out the benefits of these features, noting, “No-soy, certified organic feeds are great for horses with allergies. Feeds with no fillers and no by-products allow you to feed less. And feeds with no chemical preservatives allow you to feed a natural diet.”

Some horses may have stomach problems that prevent them from achieving their optimum weight and muscle, and Janet specifically looks for indications of stomach issues when she consults with the horse owner or trainer. “I use Stomach Soother as one of my remedies to treat their stomachs to help them gain weight nicely,” she says.

One of the keys to the successful results is grain roasting. All of the grains in the feeds made by Horse Sense have been passed by a flame at 2500 degrees F – a process that eliminates mold, bacteria, hair, and other contaminants. “The roasting process is something that farmers are familiar with, but most equestrians don’t know the benefits,” Janet notes. “The roasted grains we offer are completely clean so you don’t have to worry about your horse colicking or eating something that’s dirty.” Roasted grains also eliminate the possibility of food poisoning and liver poisoning. Some feed companies are claiming that they now test for mycotoxins, but they can’t test everything and testing doesn’t mean that the product is free of these contaminants.

The feeds available at Daily Dose Equine are designed for performance horses, and all 30 horses at Celebration Farm are fed Daily Dose Equine products. “Feeding all natural, organic feeds is the quickest way to put muscle on a dressage horse. If you take all of the fillers out of their diet, the horses gain weight better and muscle up faster,” Janet says. “The best testimonials for Daily Dose Equine feeds are the horses. The products actually help the horses feel better and look better. The horses on these diets are more alert, happy, calm, and focused on their work. They achieve the ideal muscle mass for their body type and eliminate many problems such as allergies, metabolic shutdown and laminitis. Their coats are incredible and their hoof walls strong.”