Cutler Farm Hosts Charles River Dressage Association Annual Meeting October 27th With Heather Blitz and Katie Robicheaux Symposium

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kerri Aruda with Heather Blitz from the February 22,2013 clinic at  Cutler Farm (Photo: Courtesy of CA Hill Photo)
Kerri Aruda with Heather Blitz from the February 22,2013 clinic at Cutler Farm (Photo: Courtesy of CA Hill Photo)

Medfield, MA - The Charles River Dressage Association (CRDA) and Cutler Farm of Medfield, MA, are proud to announce that the CRDA Annual Meeting to be held there October 27 will offer a free-to-members-only symposium-style event featuring Cutler Farm head trainer, Heather Blitz and assistant trainer, Katie Robicheaux.

“We are so fortunate to have a Pan American Games U.S. Gold and Silver medalist, and 2012 Olympic team reserve rider in our New England neighborhood,” said Cutler Farm's owner, Donna Cameron. “Heather has an impressive competitive career and is deeply passionate about the biomechanics of correct riding. She is also very warm, friendly, and excited about this event, so please don't worry about riding with a 'big name' trainer,” Cameron assured.

The symposium will present two demo riders with the noted clinicians, including a Training or First level rider to address issues such as horses that are behind the leg or riders who struggle to get and keep their horses on the bit. Blitz will then demonstrate how simple changes can solve such challenges. A second horse and rider team, representing Third (or higher) level, will be used to demonstrate additional concepts facing dressage competitors that focus more on collection and throughness. As mentioned, the event is free to CRDA members.

“Our commitment,” Cameron continued, “is to offer outstanding educational opportunites at our state of the art dressage facility and to make these opportunities accessible to all. Many of us got our start in the dressage world through CRDA and we are thrilled to host the CRDA Annual Meeting here.”

Cutler Farm brings world-class dressage and Olympic caliber training to New England with a fully-appointed barn featuring an outstanding menu of amenities including a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere, indoor/outdoor arenas, miles of trails and lush pastures, on-site massage, yoga and a fully equipped Pilates studio.

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