Custom Saddlery a Favorite Among Top Dressage Riders: The Saddle of Olympians Partners with Devon Kane

Thursday, March 5, 2015
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Devon Kane now rides as a Custom Saddlery MVR (Photo: courtesy of Jack Mancini)
Devon Kane now rides as a Custom Saddlery MVR (Photo: courtesy of Jack Mancini)

Wellington, FL - There is no more beautiful connection than that between a rider and her horse. Every stride is precise and measured. The two move and think as one. Devon Kane and her horse Destiny, the 2014 U.S. Dressage Finals Grand Prix Champions, are a model example of this. Kane uses only the highest-quality equipment to strengthen the winning connection between herself and her horses. On her younger up-and-coming horses, Kane uses Custom Saddlery saddles. Custom Saddlery, the Official Saddle of the US Dressage Team through the 2016 Olympics, has recently partnered with Kane - who is now one of Custom’s newest MVRs (Most Valuable Riders). Both the leading saddle manufacturer and the champion dressage rider are thrilled with this new partnership.

From the first time that Kane sat in a Custom saddle, she could feel that something about this brand was unique. “My working student rides her horse in a Custom Flight. I ride her horse about once a week in that saddle and really love it. It is very comfortable without being too constricting. That was my first experience in a Custom saddle,” Kane reminisces. With the comfort of the Custom Flight model in mind, Kane soon decided to consider getting her own Custom saddle. “After trying quite a few different brands of saddles, I spoke to Custom Saddlery about trying some of their different models on my younger horses. One of the representatives came to my farm and I tried several Customs. He left me with several different models to try for a couple of weeks. I decided I loved the Everest model! It fit my style of riding the best. Custom Saddlery then decided to offer me a sponsorship as a Custom MVR. I am so thrilled to be working with a company that really cares about the horse and the rider,” Kane smiles.

Kane, who is the successful head trainer at the boarding, training, and sales facility Diamante Farms in Wellington, Florida, spends countless hours in the saddle. Whether she is piaffing on her self-trained Destiny throughout Europe and the United States, training with Olympic Gold Medalist Hubertus Schmidt in Germany, or working with numerous up-and-coming horses at Diamante Farms, the young equestrian is at home in the saddle. “In the past, I have found that some saddles make my horses’ backs sore. My young horses are so comfortable in the Custom Saddle, which allows me to get more out of them. They perform wonderfully in them. With some saddles I have found that at the end of day my back can be very sore. This does not happen in my Custom! I can several horses a day and still feel wonderful after my last ride,” she says.

Kane is happy to be working with Custom Saddlery, and expects this relationship to be a lasting one. “There are several things that set Custom saddles apart,” Kane says. “But most importantly, their customer service is wonderful. Their saddle fitters are extremely knowledgeable and truly care about the horse and rider. They will customize the saddle to each horse and rider. They have a variety of color and leather options, which allows me to be comfortable and stylish!”

Custom Saddlery is proud to be a part of helping Kane to continue as a frontrunner in dressage competitions. The Official Saddle of the U.S. Olympic Dressage Team is devoted to supplying high-quality, customized saddles that are perfect matches for dressage’s most talented riders. If Kane’s winning ways continue, perhaps she herself will even someday be a part of a team of Olympians that benefits from Custom’s saddle making skills.

To learn more about Kane and her business at Diamante Farms, visit www.diamantefarms.com. For more information about Custom Saddlery and its popular saddle models—including the Custom Flight and the Everest— visit www.mysaddle.com or call 1-800-235-3865