Custom Saddlery and Dressage4Kids Team Up at 2014 Atlanta Youth Dressage Festival

Sunday, November 2, 2014
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Division winners at the 2014 Atlanta Youth Dressage Festival with their prize Custom saddlepads. (Photo: courtesy of Marc Mesa)
Division winners at the 2014 Atlanta Youth Dressage Festival with their prize Custom saddlepads. (Photo: courtesy of Marc Mesa)

Conyers, GA - “Every young aspiring rider should invest in opportunities like this one. It's the best experience!” says sixteen-year-old Corinne Thompson about her recent weekend as a competitor in the Dressage4Kids 2014 Atlanta Youth Dressage Festival. Dedicated sponsors like Custom Saddlery help Lendon Gray’s non-profit organization Dressage4Kids to make the Youth Dressage Festival possible. Custom Saddlery, a top-rated dressage and jumper saddle manufacturer, awarded the Festival’s winners with beautiful saddle pads and high-quality stirrup leathers.

Custom Saddlery traveled from Aiken, South Carolina to the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, Georgia to take part in the 2014 Atlanta Youth Dressage Festival, which was hosted by the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association (GDCTA). The event took place on October 24-25. Young dressage riders gathered to compete and to learn from Lendon Gray and other equestrian veterans. One of Custom Saddlery’s MVRs (Most Valuable Riders), dressage rider and trainer Jodie Kelly, was the featured speaker at the Saturday Evening Dinner Kick Off.

The 2014 Atlanta Youth Dressage Festival challenged participants with a written test, a group equitation class, and an individual dressage test. Competitors were able to show off their skills while also taking part in a valuable learning experience. Dressage rider Corinne Thompson’s mother Wendy explains, “It’s like six months of intense lessons in one weekend. The clinic parts are my favorite. Lendon is so amazing at explaining what she wants the riders do and helping with the weaker points of their riding.”

Custom Saddlery encouraged and rewarded riders whose hard work and talents earned them first place in their classes at the Festival. The popular saddle company brought seven prize saddle pads and three prize stirrup leathers to award to winners, including twelve-year-old Kaitlyn Brittenall. Brittenall and her mount Taschi Z’s total score of 261.7 for the weekend earned them first place in the divisions of Twelve and Under High Point, High Point Training, High Score Equitation, and Grand Champion Overall High Point.

Custom also awarded thirteen-year-old Erica Millbourne for earning the highest score in the Introductory Level. Millbourne rode Sunni Side Up and received a total score of 247.6 in the Intro Level 13 and Up class. Fifteen-year-old Hannah Price, riding Razzmataz, also received a Custom prize for earning the highest First Level score with a 254. Isabelle Boughadou, a fifteen-year-old riding Rubik’s Cube, won the division High Point Second Level and Above with a score of 261.5 in the Second Level JR/YR class. She also received the highest score on the written test with a 97. Fourteen-year-old Cecilia Conway, riding Aria, received the highest dressage test score of the weekend by earning a 73.80 percent in the Training Level 13 and Up class. All champions were thrilled with their new tack from Custom Saddlery.

“At Custom Saddlery, we value the enormous benefits young people gain through a relationship with a horse. We are proud to support the educational intent of the Festival and its division and overall champions,” says Cary Wallace, President of Custom Saddlery. Custom Saddlery enjoyed being a part of the Dressage4Kids 2014 Atlanta Youth Dressage Festival, and would like to congratulate the talented young riders for their accomplishments at the event.

For more information about Custom Saddlery, the specialized dressage and jumper saddles it offers, and its saddle fitting services, visit www.mysaddle.com or call 1-800-235-3865.

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