Courtney King Dye's Olympic Mount, Mythilus Passses Away

Friday, October 9, 2009

Early this morning, we lost our dear Mythilus. He began to colic yesterday afternoon, and he was taken to Fairfield Equine. Although he had some hopeful lulls of comfort, overall his pain became worse and worse. At about 10:30 pm it was clear that surgery was inevitable. Dr. Rick Mitchell and his staff did everything they could, but they found an inoperable abnormality in Myth’s colon and were left with no choice but to euthanize him. I feel blessed to have had Myth in my life. We went through many struggles and heartbreaks as well as many pinnacles and joyous times. I can’t believe I won’t be greeted by his incredibly enthusiastic, curious, and happy face each time I pass his stall. He was a treasure. Such a generous, courageous, kind, warm, and giving horse I never expect to see again. My heart is broken. We will bury him at home today in the beautiful fields of Bel Aire farm.

I want to thank everyone who was with me and Myth for our journey together for the support they gave us. To the people who made the partnership possible and gave their whole hearts to our cause, his owners John and Leslie Malone, and his original owner Rich Malloch. His grooms, Elias, Jen and Allana. Dr. Tim Ober and Rick Mitchell. Carl, Sharon and Brad, his farrier, masseuse, and chiropractor. I know that Myth could not have received better care or more love. His Purina Team, my Quest list and the many others. We are all suffering together. I believe that everyone who ever came into contact with Myth loved him. He left a mark on many people’s hearts and will be remembered always, not only for his competitive accolades but for being a beautiful and shining soul. He will be dearly missed.

Courtney King Dye

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