Courtney King Dye Writes to DressageDaily

Thursday, June 24, 2010
Posted by admin

"And thank you everyone for wearing helmets to protect yourselves and your loved ones. I love you guys!" CKD
Hello everyone! I have just recently read the coverage on my accident on DressageDaily from March when I was in the coma, and I would like to offer my heartfelt thank you to Mary (Phelps) and all those who covered the story. I would also like to thank [#24543 override="Father Mack for the service at the Palm Beach Derby" title="Father Mack for the service at the Palm Beach Derby"] as well as Mike Poulin and Carol Lavell for presenting me with the Carol Lavell award despite my sleeping state. I do plan to use it! I want you to know that the outpouring of support from everyone means a great deal to me. I’m far from 100% right now, but the riding community has given me much strength. And let’s face it, you can’t keep a horse girl down!
I’m working very hard in many types of therapies, and I want to thank my husband, Jason : not only is he the greatest husband (for me), but he also picked the best rehab facility for me. My therapists are all great (who cares if the food is awful!), and I am making progress daily. Maybe not as much as I would like, but it’s progress nonetheless! It’s amazing to me how much the brain does!

I don’t blame the horse at all; he made a simple mistake —he is young and tripped over his own legs, he was not being naughty. We all do this sport knowing and accepting full well that riding can be dangerous and freak accidents can happen.

I am seriously considering Hippotherapy to add to my therapy roster because horses always make me feel better. My horses (a special thank you to the owners) may not be used to a rider whose balance is a bit off, but the Hippotherapy horses are 4 legged blessings! I heard that Lendon brought a rein into ICU to help me follow with my arms! And, although Jason was not in favor of it as he was still just trying to get me to communicate, it’s what my body knows, so I think it helped. Special thanks to Lendon, too, as she’s been along for every step of this journey and a great help! A great many other people have also helped in so many ways, and while I can’t respond to all the emails, gifts and cards, please know that they mean a great deal to me. Thank you also for making donations to my medical fund; lord knows they are a major help to my recovery!

I am determined to make some good out of this accident, and if that means helmets for everyone, I’m for it. The fact is, any protection is good protection. I’m also thankful that my mind is as it was before. I know not everyone lives with this luxury after a severe injury.

I hope to be on the list for 2012 Olympics! No guarantees, but I’m working my tail off for it, if it doesn’t happen, that’s OK. I so enjoyed Debbie, Steffen, and Anne visiting me and catching me up on all the news. And to all the people who have helped to raise funds toward my medical expenses, a huge thank you. I still have many thank you’s to catch up on — the horse community is really truly special. And thank you everyone for wearing helmets to protect yourselves and your loved ones. I love you guys!