Courtney King Dye Continues to Make Progress

Sunday, March 21, 2010
Posted by bossmare

In just two weeks following the riding accident which resulted in a severe head injury to Olympian Dressage rider Courtney King Dye, has begun to show definite signs of progress. Kim Boyer, owner of Grandioso, one of Courtney’s Grand Prix mounts reported sent positive news.

“Courtney is definitely "lightening" and showing more signs of early cognition and giving us all renewed hope for her coming back to us and maybe soon...we just need to keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming her way!” There is someone close to Courtney with her at all times to be there for her during the times she shows signs of awakening.

Courtney’s longtime mentor and trainer Lendon Gray reported this morning on her Facebook page:

“I am doing my 6 -12 PM sharing time with Courtney. She's had a terrific day. Thursday Steffen Peters came to visit and she tried her first smile. She is following simple instructions and was able to point out her family members in a photo. I brought in a rein and with some coaxing she was able to follow with her left hand the motions I created for walk, trot, and canter.”

Meanwhile the cards, letters and photos keep filling her room, giving her more tools to relate to as she continues work hard at her recovery. Fundraising efforts have produced astounding results. The Dressage Under the Stars finale at the Player’s Club raised over $17,000, and there is now an eBay store on line.

The biggest help has been the enormous outpouring of love and prayer for Courtney. Messages are being collected and read to Courtney from the Facebook Page, Pray For Courtney King Dye
Cards, letters and donations can be sent to
Courtney Dye
2442 Muir Circle
Wellington, FL 33414
E-mail messages can also be sent to
Courtney’s husband Jason Dye is keeping up with reports on Courtney’s website

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