Courtney Dye Taken off Ventilator for Short Periods of Time

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Courtney's husband Jason Dye continues to provide updates in her website Courtney King Dressage. "Courtney remains stable and in a Coma, however she was able to take a small and positive step forward yesterday." Dye reported. "The hospital staff were able to perform "Windsprints" where they take Courtney off the ventilator for set time periods to let her breathe on her own. She performed great as we all expect she would, they will continue this process until she can comfortably breathe on her own. It made me happy knowing Courtney would want to be getting some exercise.
Her room is filling rapidly with all the cards and messages of support coming from all over the country and the world, the outpouring is truly impressive. Thank you for all the positive energy, prayers and thoughts flowing in Courtney's direction. E-mails can be sent to Cards and letters can be mailed to:
Courtney Dye
2442 Muir Circle
Wellington, FL 33414