Corta-Flx® Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary By Kicking Off The Corta-Flx 20-Day Challenge

Thursday, March 2, 2017
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Charlie O’Hara of Corta-Flx® kicked off the company’s 20-Day Challenge at The Horse of Course tack shop, located at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival show grounds.

Charlie O’Hara of Corta-Flx® kicked off the company’s 20-Day Challenge at The Horse of Course tack shop, located at the AGDF show grounds.

Wellington, FL - Corta-Flx®, a leading manufacturer of effective and first-of-their-kind joint and gut health supplements for horses, has recently become a proud sponsor of the 2017 Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida.

This year marks the 20th year anniversary of Corta-Flx delivering effective results with their original formula supplements. In celebration of this significant milestone, Corta-Flx® will be launching the Corta-Flx® 20-Day Challenge.

During the Corta-Flx 20-Day Challenge, riders, trainers, and equestrians are encouraged to try the supplements with the guarantee of seeing dramatic results within 20 days or less. The event will include a limited time offer in which customers can buy one Corta-Flx® or U-Gard® supplement and get one Corta-Flx® or U-Gard® supplement free at participating locations in and around the Wellington show grounds.

“Give us 20-days to show you what we’ve learned in 20 years”, says company founder, Bruce Snipes.  Locations currently on board to participate in the promotion include the popular local tack shop The Horse of Course, which has an on-site shop at the competition show grounds, and several nearby tack stores, including Tackeria just across from the Global Dressage grounds and Farm Vet, with locations near the dressage festival show grounds and at the Winter Equestrian Festival show grounds.

Through their sponsorship of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival, the company will also be presenting the Corta-Flx® Sport Horse of the Week Award. The award will be given out to horses that are examples of outstanding fitness and soundness. Winners of the award will receive a tri-color ribbon as well as full-size Corta-Flx® supplements, including the revolutionary Corta-Flx® joint health solution and U-Gard® supplement, which was developed to promote gut health and reduce the severity of gastric ulcers.

Corta-Flx® has been delivering the world’s top equestrians with trusted results since the company was founded in Aiken, South Carolina 20 years ago. Its namesake product, Corta-Flx® joint supplement, is available in liquid, pellet, and powder form, and has been clinically shown to produce dramatic results in horses’ joint health within days. Its revolutionary formula features pure, micro-sized, water soluble, isolated nutrients comparable to the active ingredients found in Chondroitin, Glucosamine, MSM and Hyaluronic Acid. The micro-sized Isolates in Corta-Flx® are able to penetrate the horse’s cellular walls more quickly and effectively than larger ones, rapidly delivering key nutrients to affected joints.

The company’s U-Gard® gastric supplement is veterinarian-tested to be effective in decreasing the severity of gastric ulcers. Gastric ulcers, a serious but common issue that affects even the sport’s top horses and competitors, are frequently recognized as being caused by the stress of training, competition, stall confinement, and diets high in carbohydrates. U-Gard® is clinically proven to be effective in decreasing the severity of gastric ulcers and it is also available in liquid, powder of pellet form.

With so many new and exciting initiatives in the works to support horses and riders participating in the Adequan Global Dressage Festival, it’s no surprise that the company plans to continue its support of the equestrian community throughout this year’s winter competition season and beyond. The Adequan Global Dressage Festival is celebrating its sixth season at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, featuring seven weeks of CDI competition with concurrent national shows and four weeks of FEI World Cup qualifying events.

In addition to its signature Corta-Flx® and U-Guard®, Corta-Flx® offers a variety of products including Corta-Gen™, a joint and blood solution, Muscle Mass™ for muscle development and growth, and Corta-Flx® solution, powder, pellets and capsules for dogs. To learn more about Corta-Flx® and their family of effective supplements for horses and canines, visit