Cookies with a Clue - Indulge Your Horse to a Healthier Diet

Thursday, July 22, 2010
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July 22, 2010 - Providing your “easy keeper” horse with the best nutrition is hard enough, especially with the millions of products out on the market. Yet, what are you to do if your horse is not an “easy keeper” or if your “easy keeper” suddenly surprises you with a bout of colic or some other ailment.

The answer is to just give him some “Cookies with a Clue.”

You have your colicky horse with the super sensitive stomach or your overweight horse that no matter what the diet still seems to need a new girth every week. There’s the older horse with arthritis that has some sort of negative side effect to every drug. Your horse might be the off-the-track Thoroughbred who can’t be ridden for two days after receiving supplements because he gets “hot.” Maybe you have a show horse that you are scared to give anything because of all the drug rules and regulations. There’s also the worry wart horse that thinks every trailer ride, stall change and body clip is going to end his life.

If any of these describe a horse you know then you are in luck because KAM Animal Services has provided a quick, easy and safe solution to just about any ailment. “Cookies with a Clue!” is here to help. There are five types of cookies to choose from and all you have to do is choose the best fit for your horse. And since the trusted nutritionists at KAM were the masterminds behind these cookies, you can be assured they are 100% natural.

KAM, which was started by talented nutritionist, Gabriele Sutton, specializes in equine nutrition and using all natural products. They believe that every equine problem can be helped or solved with the use of a natural nutritional diet. Their mission is to help customers implement a specific well-balanced diet using high quality natural feeds. KAM’s staff of equine professionals - including veterinarians, researchers and nutritionists - are knowledgeable in all disciplines and have helped people design healthier diets for horses of all breeds. KAM offers guidance through their website, emails, phone calls and even in person visits if necessary.

Cookies with a Clue” give a fresh and simpler approach to nutrition. Each of the five different types of cookies has its own use.

Belly Bites - Give great nutritional support to the gut. They promote healthy digestion and nutrient absorption along with reducing the risk of stomach problems such as ulcers, gas and colic.
Booster Bites - Provide a boost of vitamins and minerals in a way that your horse will actually enjoy eating, without the extra unwanted energy.
Chubbies - Offer a safe, delectable tasting way to encourage endocrine balance and healthy insulin production. Since these cookies have no sugars they are ideal for overweight horses that still deserve to be pampered, even those with EMS and IR.
Owchees - Present achy horses with an appetizing alternative to nasty-tasting drugs or medicine. They relieve horses of pain or discomfort from inflammation without harmful side effects or stress on the digestive tract.
Stress Busters - Grant tranquility to nervous and anxious horses. The special nutrients and homeopathic remedies in these cookies calm the nerves of scared horses and give them a boost of confidence.

KAM also provides the “Survivor Kit” which has one of each, so you can be equipped for any situation.

“For years now customers have told us about the many challenges they face when feeding supplements. For some it is too complicated and too time consuming. In other cases the horse leaves the supplements behind. Cookies with a Clue are all natural, easy to feed and provide your horse with all the nutrients he needs,” explained Gabriele when questioned about the reason behind the new cookies.

Cookies with a Clue” take the worry out of supplementing your horse. Since they are all natural and do not contain any fillers, additives, chemicals or sugars, no harm can be done. Feed these treats whenever and wherever, either one kind of cookie or a variety.

Unlike most equine health products, “Cookies with a Clue” are completely legal in the show ring, making it absolutely acceptable to sneak a quick treat to your partner before the next class. These cookies can only benefit your horse, by making them feel healthier and spoiled at the same time.

For more information on these one-of-a-kind cookies and other helpful aids from KAM Animal Services, call 519-463-9640 or go to