Contribute to Your Sport and Attend The American Driving Society Annual Meeting in Southern Pines, NC September 22-25

Sunday, July 31, 2016
Posted by Kelly Valdez

ADS Annual Meeting 2016

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At this time the second political convention is just finishing up, I found it inspiring to watch both conventions and see the crowds of people that are so committed to their political beliefs, their enthusiasm and all the work that was done to showcase the future of their parties and candidates. So let's down scale it by a few hundred thousand people and raise the American Driving Society banner. The purpose of the ADS annual meeting is for the members of the society to come together and do business. Meet and greet, put a face on the individuals who are trying to make the ADS stronger, better and bigger for its members.

This year the ADS Annual Meeting September 22-25, 2016 will be held at Big Sky Farm, 390 Tremont Place, Southern Pines, NC. The schedule and further deatails is on the ADS Website.

The annual meeting this year is including a great deal of includes great driving activities for those who wish to bring their equine partners. The posted schedule is tentative and might change slightly in the near future to include more members with and without four legged friends. We will have lectures by very knowledgeable people – a critique of Claire Reid's carriage collection of lovely pony vehicles by judge Steve Holm , Tom Daniel, FEI Vet speaking on veterinary issues, a tour of Fort Bragg’s Special Forces museum, a tour of the Carolina Horse Park and a wine tasting session.

If you have never been to Southern Pines,it is one of the great driving areas in the south. We are adjacent to a state park and the Walter Moss Foundation that includes over 6000 acres; both are accessible from the meeting grounds. All drives will be marked with arrows so not to lose anyone.

Great new changes are happening within the ADS. The phrase “keeping the ball moving forward” has been used a great deal at the convention. Well the ADS needs to get the ball moving forward, but who is the ADS? You are the ADS, we need you to participate and show that you care and are willing to help change and improve the society.

If you are unhappy, come to the meeting and help make it better. If you're happy with the way things are going then come to the meeting and let us know a good job is being done, but to do nothing does more harm than good.

Please try and come to your American Driving Society's Annual Meeting, meet new friends, enjoy old friends and good food, learn a new thing or two and take care of business.