Coaching and Hackney Champ

Monday, June 4, 2012

Early in the evening on Friday the coaches came back into the Dixon oval for the final time for the Four-in-hand driving competition. Coach Waller, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Waller won the class and the Park Drag (Private Coach), owned by Donald  Rosato finished second.
The Coach horn competition was won by the Park Drag (Private Coach) as well. The Coaching Championship went to Coach Waller, which accumulated the most points in all of the Devon 2012 Coaching events.

The Hackney horses and ponies pranced their way around the Dixon oval during the Devon Horse Show of 2012, fittingly so for the symbol of Devon is a prancing Hackney horse. The Devon Hackney is much smaller than the Hackney horses that went around the ring, a shrunken rendition of a breed created specifically for the task of being a fancy carriage horse.

Gosford Soloist, owned by Glen A. Werry Jr., proved to be the finest example of the Hackney horse at Devon this year, winning the Hackney Horse Championship. Nabucco, owned by Mary Campbell, took the Hackney Pony Championship and Jackie O, owned by Ed Ochsenschlager, was Reserve Champion.

Photos: Coach Waller and Gosford Soloist, Hackney Horse Champion