Classique Internationale de Blainville Rallies America's Top Dressage Riders for "Coupe des Ameriques"

Sunday, July 21, 2002

On July 18 to 21, 2002, America's top Dressage Riders rally for the first ever FEI Dressage Championships of The Americas being held at Blainville Equestrian Park. Expanded from the North American Dressage Championship concept, the prestigious FEI ‘Coupe des Ameriques’ will act as an official FEI Regional Championship. The groundbreaking undertaking will see countries from North, Central and South America invited to compete in Team competition at the Grand Prix, Advanced, Young Rider and Junior levels.

Held in conjunction with the fourth CDI-W Blainville Dressage International, presented by Swarovski Canada, the prestigious international event features $40,000 in prize money and allows grand prix riders the potential to earn ‘double’ World Cup Qualifying points by cross-entering the two competitions. Once again, the Musical Freestyle extravaganza will be the highlight of the weekend, however, this year, it will be held outdoors to accommodate the overwhelming spectator demand.

Following the final selection trial held at Cornerstone's Summer Dressage Festival July 5-7, 2002, Dressage Canada announced the following Grand Prix team who will be representing Canada at the Coupe des Ameriques:

Nancy MacLachlan and Davis Cup, Belinda Trussell and Royan, Ashley Holzer and Imperioso, Evi Strasser and Pryme Tyme, Tom Dvorak and Kadans, Gillian Sutherland and Justin Tyme and Jacqueline Brooks and Finnegan as reserve combination.

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