Classical Sales Warendorf's Special Auction of Classically-Trained Young Horses Draws Near

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Classical Sales Warendorf's unique sales auction of classically-trained young horses is drawing near. The "Dressur Pur" auction is set to open on April 11th and will offer only the best young dressage prospects that have been properly started in a true classical tradition.
Susanne Miesner, of Classical Sales Warendorf, said there is much to be gained by purchasing a properly trained young horse. While the older schoolmaster has much to offer learning riders, a well-trained young horse has its own special benefits. "Not all schoolmasters give you the correct feeling for suppleness and lightness. It depends very much on the horse and its training. The younger horse, on the other hand, if trained correctly, will give a more experienced rider the joy of accomplishing more advanced goals together, step by step," Miesner said. "Rider and horse can come into harmony and grow together." 

The "Dressur Pur" auction, while it will offer some three and four-year-old horses, will mostly offer horses age five and six. "And because those horses have been started with a good foundation, they are a pleasure, even for an average rider, to bring along with further training," Miesner said.

Classical Sales Warendorf is the creation of Miesner and Fabian Scholz. Miesner is one of Germany's leading classical trainers and an expert on riding theory. She was one of three authors of the book The Principles of Riding, published by the German National Equestrian Federation. Scholz is a top German trainer of horses for all three major equestrian disciplines and has built a reputation for being an expert in matching the right horse to the right rider. The two joined forces to create Classical Sales Warendorf out of a desire to make available horses that are truly trained according to classical principles.

Miesner said a common mistake made in the training of many young horses is failure to accurately read a young horse's capabilities and state of balance during the training process. "What the young horse is capable of at any moment and its state of balance, can change in young horses day by day or week by week, just like a growing teenager," Miesner said.

She said another mistake often made in the training of young horses is that riders also fail to analyze themselves. "It is important to reflect on yourself as a rider. Many training issues come as a result of the rider and his or her seat and aids." Riders working with young horses not only need to keep tabs on where the horse is in each stage of training, but also need to review their own riding and seek help from an experienced trainer when necessary.

Correct training is vitally important for young dressage prospects, but Miesner said it's also important to start with good horses. "For me, what is most important is that the horse has three good gaits and a natural balance. That is why I like to see young horses loose before I ride them," she said. "Next to the quality of movement, is the entire look. And, the eyes need to catch my attention. I have to like the horse in order to give it good, patient training."

The quality of young horses being offered in Classical Sales Warendorf's upcoming auction is so high that Miesner said she has little concern about the impact of the current economic situation. "I believe there is still a market for good and superior horses, because with the correct training, they can be good investments," she said.

A special seminar is planned for the week before the auction on April 4. The seminar will feature Miesner, Klaus Balkenhol, Hans-Heinrich Isenbarth – the voice of the equestrian sport – and Michael Hull, a ten-time world dance champion and one of the most popular dancers worldwide, who will discuss tempo, rhythm and relaxation – elements in dance that are also central to dressage.

Videos of horses being offered are now available on the website of Classical Sales Warendorf. To view the horses and to learn more about the April 11 auction and upcoming seminar, visit