Classical Sales Warendorf's "Dressur Pur" Auction Opens Saturday

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Get ready. Classical Sales Warendorf's "Dressur Pur" auction of classically trained young horses opens on April 11th. The auction offers only the best young dressage prospects that have been properly started in a true classical tradition. Videos of horses being offered are available on the website of Classical Sales Warendorf at

A special seminar was held on April 4 featuring Susanne Miesner, of Classical Sales Warendorf, Klaus Balkenhol, Hans-Heinrich Isenbarth – the voice of the equestrian sport – and Michael Hull, a ten-time world dance champion and one of the most popular dancers worldwide, who will discuss tempo, rhythm and relaxation – elements in dance that are also central to dressage. Selene Scarsi provided this report on the seminar for

Classic Sales Warendorf Seminar: Riding and Dancing

What a perceptive and illuminating seminar! The title and main topic of the three-hour event, the parallels between riding and dancing, offered new perspectives to dressage riders within an engaging framework of entertainment, insights and beautiful horses. 

Susanne Miesner, the brain behind the ‘Classical Sales Warendorf’ concept, inaugurated the seminar with a talk touching upon several crucial points of the training of both horse and rider and of the correct management of the dressage horse. She stressed the importance of a global, comprehensive approach to riding, which ranges from the physical fitness of the rider (leading to correct muscle use) to the importance of daily turnout for the horses.

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