Classical Sales Warendorf To Hold Auction In April and Only Classically-Trained Young Horses Allowed for Sale

Thursday, February 12, 2009


If your plans for spring include purchasing a new dressage horse, then here's something you won't want to miss.  Germany's Classical Sales Warendorf will be holding a unique sales auction on April 11th. The title of the auction is "Dressur Pur," meaning pure, or true, dressage and that's exactly what you'll get if you buy from this sale.

She was one of three authors of the book The Principles of Riding, published by the German National Equestrian Federation. Fabian is a top German trainer of horses for all three major equestrian disciplines and has built a reputation for being an expert in matching the right horse to the right rider.
The two joined forces to create Classical Sales Warendorf out of a desire to make available horses that are truly trained according to classical principles. For the auction, they have carefully chosen, from select breeders, horses that are supple, balanced and with three pure gaits. And to make sure that only the best are available in the sale, Susanne and Fabian are working with each horse prior to the sale. Potential buyers can watch the training sessions over the internet starting in March. 

Susanne and Fabian are strong believers that dressage is not only sport, but also art and to show just how connected correct riding is to art, they are hosting a special seminar one week before the auction on April 4, 2009.  The seminar will feature Susanne, Hans-Heinrich Isenbarth – the voice of the equestrian sport – and Michael Hull, a ten-time world dance champion and one of the most popular dancers worldwide, who will discuss tempo, rhythm and relaxation – elements in dance that are also central to dressage.

Susanne and Fabian got the idea for Classical Sales Warendorf out of a concern that classical principles were not always being applied in the training of modern dressage horses. "Advancements in breeding over the past decades have resulted in horses that are ideally suited to dressage," Susanne said, "but the downside of this natural talent is that far too many young horses are pushed too quickly. Eventually, this rushed training comes back to haunt both riders and horses, sometimes years down the road."

Classical Sales Warendorf aims to help avoid this problem by making for sale only those young horses that have not been pushed beyond what is correct for them. "Talented young horses need to gather experience and physical strength through time and patience in order to preserve their quality for a long and sound career," Susanne said. "Trust, elasticity and relaxed, balanced movement are only achieved with training methods based on giving each horse his time. This method results in a continuous and progressive improvement and will avoid the loss of movement through tension, refusal or unwillingness to obey the rider's aids, or inevitable unsoundness problems."

Susanne says that giving young horses the time they need to develop actually pays off more in the long run, because a patient approach in training results in horses that perform better and last longer. Both Susanne and Fabian have long practiced what they preach, with much success. Susanne, who has trained with such greats as Herbert Rehbein, Fritz Tempelmann and Johann Hinnemann, has successfully trained and competed many horses at Grand Prix. With young horses, she has had numerous wins and top placings, including championships and the Bundeschampionat. Her most unforgettable rides were with Ronaldo, the only horse ever to receive a score of 9.5 twice in a Bundeschampionat.

Fabian, who has been a successful show jumping competitor, has a proven gift for finding talented young horses and then giving them the correct training and management that has brought success. His horses have participated in numerous championships, including the Bundeschampionat and the World Championships for Young Horses.

Through Classical Sales Warendorf, Susanne and Fabian have now combined their talents and the beneficiaries of this partnership will be those lucky enough to walk away with one of the outstanding young horses that will be for sale on April 11th. To learn more about the upcoming sales and seminar, visit