Classical Dressage and Natural Horsemanship Merge - ShowChic’s December Shop Talk- An Encore Performance with Walter Zettl and Linda Parelli

Tuesday, November 27, 2012



Michele Hundt, owner of ShowChic; Heide and Walter Zettl; Krystalann Shingler of ShowChic; and Linda and Pat Parelli.  Linda Parelli and Walter Zettl will once again speak at the ShowChic ShopTalk on December 4, 2012.
Michele Hundt, owner of ShowChic; Heide and Walter Zettl; Krystalann Shingler of ShowChic; and Linda and Pat Parelli. Linda Parelli and Walter Zettl will once again speak at the ShowChic ShopTalk on December 4, 2012.

Wellington, FL – World famous dressage trainer Walter Zettl and natural horsemanship experts Linda and Pat Parelli are teaming up, once again, for ShowChic’s upcoming December “Shop Talk” on Dec. 4th 2012. Located in Wellington, Florida, ShowChic hosts the monthly Shop Talks, sponsored by Gold Coast Dressage Association, which feature various equine experts, from riders to international trainers, sharing their knowledge with the dressage community. The last time Zettl and Parelli were together for Shop Talk, not only did the duo draw the largest crowd in history to ShowChic, but many of the audience members drove from hours away to have the chance to learn from some of the greatest trainers in the equestrian community. The Shop Talk will be sponsored by Premier Equestrian, who will be providing refreshments and giving away a copy of the DVD library series of Zettl’s Matter of Trust, valued at $159.In recent years, Parelli has devoted herself to the study of classical dressage with Zettl. Through this collaboration, and using her extensive knowledge of equine psychology, Parelli came up with a way to explain and teach contact with the horse. “The Game of Contact” breaks down contact into four distinct stages to help horses be more confident with the bit and teach riders to have more “feel.” Following the classical training scale, the Game of Contact provides a step-by-step method for horses and humans to achieve contact and partnership.

Parelli explains, “I call it the Game of Contact because it’s about the psychology of getting your horse to want to engage mentally, emotionally and physically, which causes it to be their idea rather than something forced on them. It is absolutely in keeping with the Parelli philosophy of partnership with horses, and now there is a clear pathway for carrying it through to the highest levels of performance and finesse.”

Zettl agrees with this philosophy. “It's a matter of trust and how to make it playful so the horse enjoys his training,” he states. “You should be able to train the most complicated maneuvers with the horse not even realizing it is difficult.” Zettl has a lifetime of valuable experience that he will be sharing with the Shop Talk audience. His long list of global accomplishments includes numerous awards and medals. In 1984, he coached dressage for the Canadian 3-day event Team at the Los Angeles Summer Olympics. During this time he was awarded by the Province of Ontario in Recognition for Distinguished Performance in the field of amateur sport. For the last twenty-eight years Zettl has continued his lifelong work of teaching riders the art of dressage combined with communication with the horse. In 1998 his book Dressage In Harmony was published. He has also written many articles for German and US publications such as USDF Connection and Dressage Today. He also released a five-volume DVD library, instructional series called A Matter of Trust. His latest work is a book entitled The Circle of Trust. In 2013 Walter will release his third book titled Ask Walter.

Parelli Zettl will also be announcing the exciting debut of the Dressage Summit, taking place on February 9-11, 2013 at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. This 3-day unprecedented event will bring together the best of classical dressage, contemporary equestrian sport training, and natural horsemanship methods presented by four of the top names in the business. Featuring Klaus Balkenhol and Christoph Hess along with Zettl and Parelli, The Dressage Summit will focus on working together to build stronger horse/human partnerships in classical dressage. These renowned presenters will demonstrate how to apply the fundamental principles of classical dressage to every level of the sport while respecting the dignity of both horse and human. This ground-breaking collaboration between dressage masters and top horsemen provides a rare opportunity for dressage enthusiasts of all levels. Heidi Zorn of Premier Equestrian was the brainchild of The Dressage Summit, and orchestrated the collaboration of modern day and classical dressage masters. Premier is also a sponsor of both the Summit and the Shop Talk, as Zorn’s relationship with Zettl and Parelli runs deep. Dancing Deer Productions, LLC, Premier’s sister company, produced Zettl’s Matter of Trust series and is publishing Zettl’s new book, Ask Walter.
“We are excited to invite dressage enthusiasts to spend the evening of November December 4th with Walter Zettl and Linda Parelli!” said Michele Hundt, owner of ShowChic. “ShowChic has everything the dressage rider could want, from the latest in apparel and show accessories to jewelry and an unmatched selection, and we are thrilled to bring Linda and Walter back to Shop Talk once again to contribute their knowledge and wisdom to the dressage community.”

Guests at the December Shop Talk will have a chance to view ShowChic’s extensive selection of dressage fashions. ShowChic carries everything the rider needs to dress for success in the dressage arena, including well-known brands like Animo, Kentucky, Cavallo, Arista, Pikeur, Kinsgland, Samshield, GPA and Charles Owen.  The newest Pikeur line of breeches and elegant tops were on display in a variety of colors. Thanks to their extensive selection, ShowChic has become known as the ultimate destination for dressage riders who want to look their best in and out of the show ring. ShowChic’s mobile store can be found at show grounds across the east coast in the summer and on the Florida show circuit in the winter.

For more information on ShowChic, visit their website at or call them at 561-319-2121. ShowChic’s online store is open 24 hours.