Cindy Ishoy and Sigfried Peilecke

Saturday, April 22, 2000
Posted by Mary Phelps

Cindy Ishoy and Sigfried Peilecke

Cindy Ishoy and Sigfried Peilecke Photo: © Mary Phelps

Dressage in Florida is a winter haven for international trainers, riders, and horses. For those who cannot spend the entire winter, frequent visits highlight the dark cold months where they usually reside. Canadian Olympian Cindy Ishoy and renowned German trainer Sigfried Peilecke, were spotted visiting during the
Palm Beach Dressage Derby.

Ishoy, whose husband Neal has been working with Olympic hopeful, Kathleen Raine and Fidelia, will most likely be returning to Walter and Maryanne McPhail's, Equestrian Estates in Loxahatchee, location for the semi final Olympic Selection Trails to be held in May.

Peilecke, made frequent trips throughout the winter season to train student Cesar Parra, international dressage rider from Columbia who recently relocated to the United States, and has since moved to Maryland where he is based out of Linda Zang's barn, Idlewilde Farm.