Christopher Schruefer Wins Trilogy Saddle Best Seat Award

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Posted by johnny

Christopher Schruefer, of Hi-Star Farm in Southampton, New Jersey, rode away the winner of the Trilogy Dressage Saddle “Best Seat” award at the VADA/Nova Summer Show at Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia. Schruefer and De Facto, a six-year-old gelding owned by Martha Singh, captured the attention of the Trilogy selection committee to win the “Best Seat” award and take home a beautiful Trilogy cooler. “It was quite an honor to win the Trilogy Best Seat Award,” Schruefer said, adding that he attributes his great seat to lots of practice and hard work. “I really work hard at my position and following the horse. I know there were over 200 horses at the show so being selected was wonderful.”
Schruefer is the trainer at Singh’s Hi-Star Farm and was thrilled that during the show De Facto won the 2010 USEF/Markel Young Horse Dressage Eastern Selection Trial for Six Year Old Horses. “De Facto is now qualified for the Young Horse Championships at Lamplight so that is our next goal with him.”

Deborah Witty, President of Trilogy Dressage Saddles, congratulated Schruefer on winning the Trilogy “Best Seat” Award. “While at the VADA/Nova show I had a great view of the young horse entries and Christopher and De Facto really stood out,” she said. “De Facto looked soft, supple, happy, with a great connection to the bridle and a very elegant rider on him. I discovered that the Christopher is not only a very good rider but also a good person.”

The Trilogy “Best Seat” award is presented to the rider that best fits the following three criteria: effective secure seat; well-fitting saddle that enhances performance for horse and rider; and overall appearance on the horse. “It is always exciting to present the ‘Best Seat’ award and meet hard working, dedicated and deserving riders,” Witty said.

Witty, a qualified saddle fitter from the Society of Master Saddlers of England, developed her line of Trilogy Saddles after recognizing that there was a need in the market place for a saddle line that addresses more of the horse and riders needs. Trilogy offers three dressage saddles: The Debbie McDonald, the Amadeo and the Verago. The Debbie McDonald Dressage Saddle series gives riders two choices: The Debbie McDonald features a flatter, more open seat, narrower seat and straighter leg. The Debbie Special is designed specifically for the petite rider. Trilogy also offers The Amadeo Dressage Saddle, the choice of riders who favor a more moderate depth of seat and twist with a generous seat bone position. The Verago Dressage Saddle is for the rider who prefers a deep seat with a narrow twist and a well-supported seat bone area.

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