Christoph Koschel Winner of 49th German Derby Dressage

Friday, June 5, 2009
Posted by Christy

Christoph Koschel became the winner of the famous 49th Dressur-Derby of Hamburg. Christoph Koschel (33) was the best in the Final where riders have to ride each other’s horses. The three finalists were Koschel, Alexandra Bimschas and Jochen Vetters.  "It was a sensational class. For my today my dream is fulfilled!” Christoph Koschel said. “This morning I would never have thought I could be the winner here today!”.

His father Jürgen Koschel became third in the Hamburg Dressur Derby in 1991. Alexandra Bimschas reached the second position and praised the winner. “He simply was the better rider today“, she said. Christoph Koschel reached the averga score of 69,222% after having showed with the three horses Neolit, Fanano and Daquino. Alexandra Bimschas came close at 68,889%.  Jochen Vetters became third reaching the average of 66,981%.

The two favourite riders Heike Kemmer and Gina Capellmann-Lütkemeier became fourth and fifth in the qualifier and thus didn’t reach the Final.

Picture courtesy Julia Rau