Chris Surbey and Quetchup de la Roque Jump Clear to Win Enbridge Classic Derby at Spruce Meadows

Tuesday, July 12, 2016
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Chris Surbey and Quetchup de la Roque

Chris Surbey and Quetchup de la Roque (Photo: © Spruce Meadows Media Services)

Calgary, AB, Canada – On Sunday at Spruce Meadows, Calgary’s own Chris Surbey (CAN) made history by becoming the 20th rider ever to jump a clear round in the long-running Enbridge Classic Derby.

Surbey and Linda Southern-Heathcott’s Quetchup de la Roque joined an impressive list of winners, completing the only clear round out of 13 starters, to win Sunday’s feature competition. Daniel Coyle (IRL) riding Ridley and Lisa Carlsen (CAN) aboard Worlds Judgment finished second and third respectively, each finishing the course with eight faults. Sunday’s great sport rounded out the final week of competition in the 2016 Spruce Meadows Summer Series.

Thirteen entries contested Sunday’s Enbridge Classic Derby, which saw seven competitors finish with eight faults, and only the one clear round. Great Britain’s Pamela Carruthers designed the original course in 1985 and redesigned the track in 1990. For the last 26 years, the course has been the same. But out of 650 total attempts, Chris Surbey and Quetchup de la Roque are only the 20th pair to ever complete a clear round.

Chris Surbey in his winning presentation with Byron Neiles, Executive Vice President, Corporate Services, Enbridge.

Chris Surbey in his winning presentation with Byron Neiles, Executive Vice President, Corporate Services, Enbridge. (Photo: © Spruce Meadows Media Services)

Featuring a demanding 16 numbered obstacles and 23 jumping efforts, the Enbridge Classic Derby is an incredible test of endurance and stamina for both horse and rider. The most challenging obstacles include a 26-foot bank, double liverpools, and a Devil’s Dyke.

Born and raised in Calgary, Surbey (29) began riding as a professional for Spruce Meadows two years ago, and took over the ride on Quetchup de laRoque from Kelly Koss-Brix last fall.“Her whole life, I think she has always had a heart of gold,” Surbey said of the 12-year-old Selle Francais mare (Quidam de Revel x Kannan). “She tries her best every time out. She is very careful, she is quick, she can turn, and she is brave. She has everything I think you need for a good derby partner.”

Surbey also jumped Quetchup de la Roque in the CNOOC Nexen Cup Derby during the summer’s ‘National’ Tournament in June.

Speaking of his second, very successful attempt at the derby, Surbey noted, “We jumped at the National, and she was actually quite good, but that was her first try. I was hoping that we would improve from there, but I was not quite expecting a clear round. I was just excited that Quetchup dug deep and showed us what she can do.

Daniel Coyle and Ridley

Daniel Coyle and Ridley (Photo: © Spruce Meadows Media Services)

“In this attempt, I was maybe a little bit more relaxed,” Surbey detailed. “Obviously the first time in, you are not sure how they are going to react to some of the different natural jumps out there, but she showed us in June that she was comfortable. I think I had more of a relaxed approach today and she was able to take her time and jump a clear round.”

Surbey stated that completing one of so few clear rounds over the track is just “icing on the cake” to winning the coveted event. The obstacle on course that worried him the most was actually the smallest, but his horse handled the entire track with confidence.

Subrey explained, “Honestly, I do not think any part of the course concerned my horse. But I have to say, I have never been afraid of such a small jump in my life with that fence on top of the bank. That is probably the most intimidating jump because it is so close to the edge of the hill. Some horses even refuse to jump it because they can see the edge coming, so it is really an exercise in timing and patience, as well as bravery on the side of the horse.”

Daniel Coyle and Lisa Carlsen traded places in this week’s derby after Carlsen placed second and Coyle finished third in the CNOOC Nexen Cup Derby during the ‘National’ Tournament. Riding to second place on Sunday with the fastest eight-fault round in 135.58 seconds, Coyle was aboard Ridley, a ten-year-old Canadian Sport Horse gelding (Ustinov x Adiantus AS) owned by Susan Grange.

Carlsen took third place honors with eight faults in 136.75 seconds aboard Worlds Judgement, a 13-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare (Judgement x Farmer) owned by WJ Partners.

Speaking of his return to the derby track with Ridley, Coyle stated, “I did not know what was going to happen today because it was only his second derby. He is not the most talented horse in the world, but he is one of the best for trying. I had two very simple fences down. I think mostly it just came from him being tired at this stage after five weeks of jumping here. Then again, I had an early fence down, so I could be fast and play to my advantages.”

Like many Irish riders, Coyle grew up jumping derbies in his home country, but noted that derby success really depends on the horse.

Lisa Carlsen and Worlds Judgement

Lisa Carlsen and Worlds Judgement (Photo: © Spruce Meadows Media Services)

“Anytime there was a derby we did them,” Coyle said. “Irish people do the derbies a lot more than other countries. Maybe that is why I am a wee bit better at this than I thought, but at the end of the day we can be as good as we want, but the horse has to jump the fences. It really comes down to them.”

Commenting on the impressive event at Spruce Meadows, Coyle added, “The derby is a brilliant competition for riders and horses. Some riders are better at derbies, and some horses are better at derbies than actual show jumping, so it is great for us to be fit to do both. To be in the ring that long with a big crowd cheering you on is very exciting.”

Lisa Carlsen was a little challenged on Sunday riding with a strained groin, but felt confident in her horse, who has jumped consistently in derby competitions for several years. “She is super brave,” Carlsen said of Worlds Judgement. “I do not think the mare has ever stopped with me. She does everything I have ever asked her to do. She is just super brave and talented, so she is a good derby horse.”

Commenting on her round, Carlsen added, “My mare was a little too fresh today because I have not been able to get her in the ring enough. She was more aggressive than I would have liked, but that’s just life.”

The ‘Masters’ Tournament CSIO 5* is the next feature event on September 7-11, 2016.

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Final Results: Enbridge Classic Derby
1 QUETCHUP DE LA ROQUE Selle Francais / M / 12 / Quidam de Revel x Kannan CHRIS SURBEY (CAN) Linda Southern-Heathcott: 0/140.14
2 RIDLEY Canadian Sport Horse / G / 10 / Ustinov x Adlantus AS DANIEL COYLE (IRL) Susan Grange: 8/135.58
3 WORLDS JUDGEMENT Dutch Warmblood / M / 13 / Judgement x Farmer LISA CARLSEN (CAN) WJ Partners: 8/136.75
4 CRISTALLO Holstein / G / 18 / Caretino x Cicero RICHARD SPOONER (USA) Show Jumping Syndication Intl: 8/140.14
5 WINSLOW HIGH Swedish Warmblood / G / 0 / Camielle Flamingo Z x Montgomery VANESSA MANNIX (CAN) Vanessa Mannix: 8/141.47
6 UTOPIA Dutch Warmblood / M / 15 / Ircolando x Notaris JOHN PEREZ (COL) John Perez: 8/144.72
7 GALILEO DE LAUBRY Belgian Warmblood / G / 10 / Cardento I x Askan de Lauzelle ANTONIO MAURER (MEX) Antonio Maurer: 8/145.93
8 CARNAVAL Oldenburg / G / 11 / Chacco Blue x Balou CHRIS SURBEY (CAN) Spruce Meadows: 8/147.41
9 LIBERTY SON 2 Warmblood / G / 13 / Clooney x Lord Z PHILIPP WEISHAUPT (GER) Ludger Beerbaum: 16/145.67
10 SINFONIE 168 Warmblood / M / 10 / Satisfaction I x Don Juan VLADIMIR TUGANOV (RUS) Vladimir Tuganov: 17/148.02
11 ZUIDHOEVE Dutch Warmblood / G / 12 / Tangelo Vande x Unknown KASEY AMENT (USA) Montis Horse Management LLC: 26/153.22
12 AL CALYPSO Hanoverian / G / 14 / Askari x Calypso II MANUEL FERNANDEZ HACHE (DOM) Aristides & Maribel Fernandez Zucco: Elim
12 HELSINKI Belgian Sport Horse / G / 9 / Andiamo x Darco AXEL BARRIOS (GUA) Axel Barrios: Elim