Choice of Champions Supports Mary-Haskins Gurganus

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
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Mary-Haskins Gurganus and Richmond HL. (Photo courtesy of WNC Photo)
Mary-Haskins Gurganus and Richmond HL. (Photo courtesy of WNC Photo)
Wellington, FL – Choice of Champions, maker of equine supplements for every equestrian discipline, is proud to sponsor top rider Mary-Haskins Gurganus, NAYRC individual Gold medalist and trainer of two USDF Prix St Georges champions. Recommended by veterinarians, professional trainers, and champion riders, Choice of Champions supplements help horses compete and win in virtually every equestrian discipline. “We are so proud of our quality products,” says Choice of Champions owner Allyn Maix. “It’s gratifying to hear the success stories we receive from our customers. But the proof is in the pudding, and unless you try our products, you’ll never know how much they can help your horses.”“The Choice of Champions product line is unmatched, simple, and effective,”Gurganus states.

“They give a winning edge to horses competing at the highest level, as well as helping to improve the comfort and well-being of the animal in general. I've seen wonderful results on my upper level and lower level horses.” Allyn Maix adds,

“Choice of Champions is dedicated to supporting talented riders who always put their horses first. We wish Mary-Haskins the best of luck in the arena and are thrilled to come along for the ride.”

Choice of Champions International, is based in Wellington, Florida, and produces a full line of supplements designed to fit the needs of a variety of horses that compete in many different disciplines. Maix encourages horse owners, riders and trainers to try their products. Free samples are available by visiting the website www.choiceofchamps.com or calling 1-800-868-1077.

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