Choice of Champions Salutes Sagacious HF for Invitation to Compete in Aachen

Sunday, June 9, 2013
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Caroline Roffman, Allyn Maix, and Hyperion Farms’ Al Guden with Sagacious HF
Caroline Roffman, Allyn Maix, and Hyperion Farms’ Al Guden with Sagacious HF
Wellington, FL – Choice of Champions International, a company that specializes in producing supplements designed to aid sport horses, is pleased to recognize Sagacious HF for being invited to compete at Aachen this summer and being awarded the a Dutta Corp. sponsored flight by the USEF Dressage High Performance Committee. Sagacious HF, a 1999 KWPN (Welt Hit II x Judith x Cocktail) gelding owned by Hyperion Farms, Inc., is no stranger to the international scene as the sleek black horse was part of the US Dressage Team that won a Gold Medal during the 2007 Pan American Games, and took the Individual Silver for the United States. Sagacious and rider Caroline Roffman will be the first US pair to compete in the Under 25 Grand Prix at Aachen.The gelding came to Roffman in 2012, and the successful team has been riding into the ribbons ever since. Most recently, the pair scored above a 78% during of the 2013 Adequan Global Dressage Festival at the Dressage national 3 in the Young Rider Grand Prix. Roffman is excited to take full advantage of this opportunity and the generous sponsored flight from the Dutta Corp to travel to Europe with Sagacious HF and Her Highness O to train and compete in the prestigious European tours. “My plan is to ride Sagacious HF in the FEI Under 25 Division at Aachen, and to compete Her Highness O in the small tour in Europe,” Roffman announced.

“When Choice of Champions can team up with a great rider who is also smart about what will keep her horse sound, it’s like icing on the cake,” said Allyn Maix, Owner of Choice of Champions. “We are thrilled to be part of this team,” she added about Roffman and Sagacious.
Roffman is also planning to take her small tour mare, Her Highness O, on the journey. Roffman and this beautiful black mare totally ruled many of the shows during the 2013 Winter Equestrian Festival, including winning a Team Gold and Individual Bronze at the CDIO Nations Cup in Wellington. She also has along list of accolades, including winning the Brentina Cup in 2011, multiple wins at the Young Horse Championships including the 2012 Developing Horse Prix St. Georges Championship with Her Highness O, and the 2012 Intermediare National Championship with Pie. 

“After years of hard work, one horse at a time, Choice of Champions is recognized as a great teammate for the horse and rider,” added Maix, “We are very excited to be supporting Sagacious and Caroline during this wonderful opportunity to compete with the best of the best. Many of our clients are combining Super Joint Solution, Ulser Sheild and Lung Aid on their upper level horses and the results are wonderful,” Maix said.

Super Joint Solution is a unique liquid that repairs joint damage and is absorbed right into the horse’s mouth. It helps horses stay free of soreness and stiff joints in all parts of their bodies. “The Super Joint Solution has a very high milligram content of a complete combination of things beneficial for joints,” commented Maix.

Ulser Shield also keeps horses settled and focused, especially with the stressors of rigorous schooling, shipping and showing. Ulser Shield is a supplement that promotes the horse’s digestion and nutrient absorption. Ulser Shield is an acid suppressant, mucosal protective and top dressing for horses prone to ulcers. “High performance horses produce a lot of acid when they are working or traveling, and acid can cause stomach ulcers,” Maix explained.

Lung Aid is a comprehensive conditioner for the lungs that promotes equine respiratory health. “It also helps competitive horses recover faster from intensive training and competing,” added Maix. “Lung Aid contains vitamins and antioxidants designed to help horses fight off infections, increase endurance, increase lung capacity and boost the immune system.” She continued, “On long distance travel, it protects the horse’s immune system with an added benefit in places like a quarantine or flying with many horses in close quarters.” 

Many international equestrian stars have found the benefits of Choice of Champions supplements for their high-level performance horses. Pablo Barrios, Christina Kelly, Marco Bernal, Juan Matute, Patrick Nesbitt, Chester Weber, Jennifer Matheson, Sahar Daniel Hirosh, Dave Blake, Darrah Kenny, Hector Florentino, and Elizabeth Niemi have all entrusted their horses’ performance health to Choice of Champions.
Choice of Champions International is based in Wellington, Florida, and produces a full line of supplements designed to fit the needs of a variety of horses that compete in many different disciplines. For more information, visit the website www.choiceofchamps.com or calling 1-800-868-1077.