Choice Of Champions Brings Narka d’ Auzay Back to Top Form

Thursday, June 26, 2014
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Jenna Buchan and Narka d’ Auzay. (Photo: of Jenna Buchan)
Jenna Buchan and Narka d’ Auzay. (Photo: of Jenna Buchan)

Ocala, FL – Jenna Buchan knew she had a great horse, a talented jumper with a big heart.  Narka d’ Auzay was everthing the 17-year-old rider could want, but her high hopes were met with disappointment when she and Narka had a dismal season during the 2014 FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival.

Originally putting off the horse’s discomfort to new stabling conditions, Buchan’s concerns grew as the season progressed. “As the weeks went on, he grew more agitated, more withdrawn, and his performance mirrored his condition,” she said.

“He just wasn’t 100% and I was unable to move up to the Medium juniors division.” With a broken heart and because of the pressure to perform, Buchan considered selling Narka but with every bad performance his price dropped. “It was extremely frustrating to see all of our hard work and the potential in this horse go to waste,” said Buchan.

As a last resort, she decided to give Narka every chance to come around before she sold him. Determined to solve the problem, Buchan and her vet cleared Narka of any physical ailments through x-rays and blood work. A massage therapist found minor soreness, but nothing that would explain the severe drop in performance.

With hopes fading, she remembered a horse she knew who had a severe case of ulcers. By the time they uncovered the cause and began treatment, it was too late. On a whim, she decided to put Narka on Ulser Sheild from Choice of Champions instead of scoping him. The once daily oral liquid triggered an immediate result for Buchan.

In just ten days, she saw marked improvement in Narka, from his demeanor to his performance over fences. In no time she and Narka were competing, and winning, again at the Horse Shows In The Sun (HITS) May classes. They took the win in the Modified Jumper Classic, and placed either Reserve or Champion in every other class they entered.

“This horse has such heart and he is an amazing athlete,” said Buchan. “He showed that this week at HITS and he was once again the horse I knew he could be. It made me cry to know that I finally figured out what was wrong with him, and I cannot express enough thanks to Choice of Champions for providing a product that is so affordable and so effective! He will never be off Ulser Shield and if I sell him that will be one of the conditions. I've had some offers from other riders to buy him, but I’m not sure I can afford to sell him now!”

In 2006, Choice of Champions, International was started by Allyn Maix, whose own 30 years experience with horses inspired her to launch a line of specialized equine supplements designed to make a real difference in the performance and wellbeing of equine athletes.  Learn what a difference Choice of Champions can make for your horses at or call their Wellington, Florida office toll-free at (800) 868-1077.