Chester Weber Proves Unstoppable With Another FEI Horse Team Win At Live Oak International Combined Driving Event

Thursday, March 31, 2011
Posted by JRPR

Ocala, FL - March 30, 2011 – Chester Weber, the eight-time USEF National Four-In-Hand Combined Driving Champion, proved to be an unstoppable force at the CAI Live Oak International Combined Driving event when he drove away as the winner of the FEI Horse Team division. Live Oak International is considered to be one of the premiere Combined Driving events in North America and each year the show attracts an array of world-class competition.
Weber, who has added two new equine members to his team with Jane Forbes Clark’s horses, Uniek and Splash, was pleased with the Live Oak win. “My team went well and were technically easy to drive,” Weber said, adding that it felt great to win nine years in a row at Live Oak. “The two new additions from Jane have proven to be very helpful and have not only added to our depth but have moved our program forward.”

Weber, who is from Ocala and is based out of Live Oak Plantation, first drove into the winner’s circle in March with the new team when he won the FEI Four-In-Hand Division at Little Everglades, a USEF Selection Trial. During Live Oak, Weber competed Rolex W, Uniek, Splash and Para in the dressage phase for a score of 37.63 and followed up with Uniek, Reno, Para and Splash in the marathon and cones, with no penalties and a time of 2:55.63 in the cones.

“I am thrilled with all of the horses and both Michael Freund, the U.S. team coach, and I feel that they can be very competitive on the international stage,” Weber said, adding that Live Oak was once again a successful event overall. “In addition to world class competition, Live Oak offered a classic car show, a demonstration by Pat Parelli, founder of Parelli Natural Horsemanship, and a coaching demonstration which was very well received.”

While at CAI Live Oak, Weber acted as chef d’equipe for the U.S. team, and the U.S. team proved to be successful. “It was a great weekend and I was very proud to be associated with the U.S. team,” Weber said. “Shelly Temple of Windsor, South Carolina won the USEF National Championship for single ponies and Jennifer Matheson, from Aiken, South Carolina, won the USEF National Championship for pair ponies, so overall it was a very successful weekend.”

Weber, who is known for setting goals and achieving them, is now preparing for the 2012 World Championships in Riesenbeck and the 2014 World Equestrian Games in France. First, however, Weber has his sights set on winning another USEF National title at the Laurels in Unionville, Pennsylvania in September.

For more information on Weber and his combined driving team, visit their website at www.chesterweber.com.

Photo: Combined Driver Chester Weber proved unstoppable at CAI Live Oak, when he won the FEI Horse Team Division for the ninth year in a row. Weber, the eight-time USEF National Four-In-Hand Combined Driving Champion, will defend his National Championship title later this year. (Photo courtesy of My Elisabeth Weber)