The Charm Necklace Collection

Saturday, December 1, 2007
Posted by bossmare


Fine Equine Jewelry Designs by

Jane Heart introduces the charm necklace with her equestrian designs to show the close bond between horse and rider. Jane’s interpretation of this popular trend includes four symbols to help guide you on your path to achieving your heart’s desires and lifetime goals. “Today in this world, it is more important than ever that we envision our path in life and fulfill our own personal dreams while developing and using our talents to be of service and bring love, joy, and peace to the world. Each of us has something to contribute and many of us, including myself, has not yet reached our potential. Besides being fun to wear, the necklace with your favorite horse head is a reminder to help you make the daily decisions of life that are true for you.”

“The charms hang from a circle which symbolizes the opening of pathways and wholeness. Through the heart we align ourselves, as it gives us a sense of unity and the ability to see our direction clearly. The horse stands for freedom, power for sharing our gifts and talents, and travel. Turquoise is a stone for healing, protection, strength, and support. It also opens the heart for giving and receiving, and the throat for communication and creativity. The megaphone shape is perfect for calling to you everything you need to help you travel on your path to following your dreams and reaching your potential.”

“The beauty of this necklace is that each person can personalize the message of the charms to make it more meaningful for them. For example, the circle is an “O” ring and can also be the winner’s circle or a metered circle. A variety of horse heads are available including several different breeds.”