Charles de Kunffy Joins Dressage Summit Superstar Lineup

Wednesday, December 26, 2012
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Christoph Hess and Linda Parelli schooling Emily Wagner aboard the 6-year-old AWR stallion WakeUp
Christoph Hess and Linda Parelli schooling Emily Wagner aboard the 6-year-old AWR stallion WakeUp
Wellington, FL (December 21, 2012) – Some of the biggest names in dressage are coming together February 9-11, 2013 in Wellington, FL for the first ever Dressage Summit – including Christoph Hess, Walter Zettl, and recently joining the superstar lineup, Charles de Kunffy. Charles de Kunffy can best be described as “a gentleman and a scholar,” and most importantly, an indomitable ambassador for the horse. Raised in the classical tradition, Charles is a firm believer in schooling the horse in a comprehensive system of training, including cross-country, jumping and dressage. Charles has also written six books on the classical dressage tradition, and is working on two more. His experience as a dressage judge, trainer, and author make him one of the most sought-after dressage masters and clinicians today. We are excited to welcome Charles de Kunffy as a presenter at the Dressage Summit – his deep understanding of the classical tradition, coupled with his gift for imparting the theory and true purpose of dressage, makes him the perfect addition to this groundbreaking event. To learn more about Charles, visit his website at www.charlesdekunffy.com.

These renowned presenters will be joined by Pat and Linda Parelli to demonstrate together how to apply a classical dressage foundation to all levels of the sport, including competition goals, while preserving and enhancing the horse's well-being. This groundbreaking collaboration between dressage masters and top horsemen will provide an exciting new perspective where dressage and natural horsemanship converge to enhance the training of the dressage athlete.

Also recently added to this star-studded lineup are rider biomechanics pioneer and former Grand Prix judge Colleen Kelly and gold medal-winning Paralympic dressage rider Lauren Barwick. Both Colleen and Lauren’s natural approaches to dressage make them fantastic additions to the Dressage Summit.

Tickets for the Dressage Summit are available now at the following prices: $195 for a 3-day pass, $395 for a VIP ticket, and $95 for a 1-day pass. For more information on the Dressage Summit, or to purchase tickets, visit www.dressagesummit.com or call 855-727-3554

The 2013 Wellington Dressage Summit is supported the United States Dressage Federation and sponsored by Premier Equestrian and Kerrits Equine Performance Apparel.