Challenges - Coping with Injury

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A. Whit Watkins - Dressage Trainer/Rider

Horses get injured, through no one's fault, they're just incredibly fragile, no matter how "safe" their surroundings. “I had a fabulous young horse set to begin an FEI career. We came in the barn one morning to find a broken splint bone on a hind leg. I had it surgically treated but the remaining piece developed "blind splints" and began rubbing a hole in the suspensory ligament. Another vet used a totally new technique and relieved the damaging situation. The horse returned to a functional level of soundness but would never have an international career.

To deal with that, I could only try to let go of what could not be achieved and start over with another green horse. Simply knowing that everyone has problems, some of them overwhelming, can help us realize we aren’t alone. We can get back on track after difficulties, regroup and start fresh - it’s a choice.”

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