CDI*** Kapellen - Intermediaire I Freestyle: Dutch Petra van Esch and Fido Dido Take The Top

Sunday, May 25, 2014
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Holland’s Petra van Esch and Fido Dido
Holland’s Petra van Esch and Fido Dido
Intermediaire I Freestyle: Holland’s Petra van Esch directed Belgium’s Dominique Mohimont into the runner-up spot. Fido Dido and Petra van Esch’s 73.475% was enough for a victory. Dominique Mohimont scored 72.300% and Kebie van der Heijden and Witschge finished in third place. Petra: “Fido Dido, funny name isn’t it? I gave him this name when 7up bottles had a figure on them which was called Fido Dido. I wanted a name that would stand out at competitions. Fido Dido was born at our stables, on my birthday, but if it wasn’t for us he would not have been here today. His mother did not have enough milk and we had to bottle feed him.We breed horses at home, a full sister or brother to Fido Dido will be born today or tomorrow. We already have two full brothers, a four and six-year-old. Sire is Florencio, the dam is Nelinora with whom I rode Small Tour competitions. She was ready for Grand Prix level, but the dream suddenly ended! Upto 10 years ago we had a farm with pigs and cows, that is why breeding is in our blood.

CDI3* Kapellen was a real nice competition on a beautiful show ground. I have competed at the European Pony Championships in Belgium as well as the EC for Juniors. I had a Grand Prix horse with me in Kapellen this time, but when we arrived he had a insect bite between his frontlegs. He was ok on Thursday but Friday both his frontlegs were swollen. A real pity that I could not compete here with him. But I really enjoyed the rides with Fido Dido. He trusts me for 150%, but he still thinks the laps of honour are very exciting. He is a very sensitive horse that enjoys working every day. Only entering the ring and the stand still is difficult…… this costs points.

The future with Fido Dido? I will keep training him to Grand Prix-level if I can keep him! But I also have his brothers and they are as good as him!”