Caroline Roffman and Bulgari 5 Claim Double Victory in FEI Young Riders at Palm Beach Dressage Derby CDI***/CDIY

Sunday, March 5, 2006
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Caroline Roffman, 17, of Wellington, Florida, riding her Bulgari 5 claimed two victories in two days of FEI Young Rider competition at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby CDI***/CDIY in Loxahatchee, Florida. Roffman won the FEI Young Rider Team Test yesterday (March 3) with a score of 67.185% and came back today to win the FEI Young Rider Prix St. Georges with a score of 65.167%. Roffman also rode her gray gelding Rigaudon to fifth place both days in the FEI Young Rider classes, scoring 61.481% in the Team Test and 61.917% in the Prix St. Georges. Roffman is aiming to qualify both horses for the 2006 North American Young Riders Championships (NAYRC). The awards ceremony for both classes was held today, with riders receiving ribbons to sixth place.

Roffmann, a senior in high school, has been riding for nine years and has been in training with Silke Rembacz for the past five years. She competed as a Junior for two years and moved up to Young Riders this year. The Palm Beach Dressage Derby is her second show at the new level.

Roffman has had the ride on Bulgari 5, a Hannoverian gelding by Baryshnikov, for two years. Assessing her win in the Young Riders Team Test, Roffman said, “He’s a very electric horse and the last couple of shows we’ve been battling that a little bit. I was really happy with this show because he was really ride-able and it was a very consistent and steady test. The issues that have been going on seem to have gone away.”

The judges awarded the duo 8s in both the rider and gaits categories. Roffman stated that the test was the best yet in her Young Rider career. “He had really nice extended trots, not necessarily easy to ride because he gets so huge and he loses his rhythm a little bit, but basically the extended trots were good. The extended canters were good, the canter half passes, and the walk work were good – I was really happy with him!” she enthused.

Following Roffman’s first place in the Team Test was Leah Wilson aboard Amusanat who scored 65.037% for second. Jocelyn Wiese riding Lamborghini earned 64.148% for third. Kayce Redmond and Cheval 5 received 62.148% for fourth. Roffman and her Rigaudon were fifth with 61.481%. Laura Noyes and Syncro earned 61.259% for sixth.

Roffman Continues her Reign In the FEI Young Rider Prix St. Georges Class

In Saturday's FEI Young Rider Prix St. Georges class Roffman claimed victory again, despite going off course. “It was completely, obviously, my fault so I was really upset that I did that because he was being so good,” she said with a smile. “That mistake and a mistake in the three’s brought the score down a little bit. It wasn’t as neat. He was really ride-able and manageable so I was just happy with that because sometimes he’s not.”

Taking second place today in the FEI Young Rider Prix St. Georges was Tara Dougans with Nashua who earned 65.00%. Laura Noyes and Syncro were third on a score of 63.833%. Leah Wilson and Amusanat earned 63.583% for fourth. Roffman and Rigaudon again claimed fifth earning 61.917%. Kayce Redmond and Cheval V placed sixth with 61.750%.

Roffman noted that Bulgari 5 was previously shown in Germany at the Prix St. Georges level, but was not a high-scorer. “He’s the kind of horse that wants a relationship with his rider and he was ridden by a man who was a professional over there and I just don’t think he was loved,” she says. “We have a really nice relationship and he’s happy to be a girl’s horse and have a ‘mom’. We had a 50-pound bag of carrots that we gave him yesterday because he was so good. He’s pretty spoiled. He loves bananas.” She also pointed out that Bulgari’s personality has earned him the nickname ‘Bully’. “He’s a tough guy. He’s got a very strong personality. He’s very opinionated and he wants what he wants when he wants it. He’s demanding and pretty pushy but we get along. It took a year to get a relationship. He’s not a horse you can say, “Do this!” – you have to say, “Please, please, please will you do this for me?” but when he gives, like today, he’ll give you everything.”

Roffman’s fifth-placed mount Rigaudon was acquired as a Second Level sales/project, but in the past year has moved up to Prix St. Georges. “This was his third Prix St. Georges ever, so it was okay,” Roffman said. “It was not his weekend but I was very happy with him.”

Roffman is looking forward to making the Region 3 Team for the NAYRC. “My goal is to qualify both horses for Young Riders. I’ll take whichever is stronger, most likely Bulgari.”

Trainer Silke Rembacz was pleased with her student’s success at the show. “She’s a tremendous talent as a rider. She’s got enormous talent, great feel and we’ve pretty much just been trying to develop that. Things are really easy for her,” Rembacz said. “It’s fun to work with her because she’s really focused and really concentrating. If you say, ‘okay, we want to work on this today’, she’ll sit down and work on it – it doesn’t matter what it is, which makes her so successful. She’s doing fantastic. I’m very, very proud of her.” Rembacz also noted that Roffman’s parents, Andrea Azram and Stuart Roffman, have been very supportive.

“It’s a good team all the way around – a good trainer, good horses, and Caroline’s a good kid,” said Mrs. Azram. “We’re very proud of her, very pleased and very excited about the opportunities that she has and her success. She loves it. It’s great.”

In Arenas 1 and 2 today, Canada’s Ashley Holzer of New York, New York, continued her domination of the CDI classes, completing a hattrick of victories in two days – she won the Prix St. Georges yesterday with Pop Art, then came back today to claim victory in the FEI Grand Prix with Imperioso and also notched another win aboard Pop Art in the Intermediaire I.

It was a brilliant show of stallions in the 37-horse field for the Grand Prix. Ribbons were given to eight places, with five of them awarded to stallions. Holzer won riding Imperioso, a 16-year-old Dutch stallion by Cocktail, who earned 70.375%. The coppery chestnut was also Holzer’s mount at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Leslie Morse and Kingston, a 14-year-old Dutch stallion by Voltaire, placed second with 69.333%. Katherine Bateson-Chandler aboard Jane Forbes Clark’s gelding FBW Kennedy was third with 69.083%. Holzer and Gambol, a 12-year-old Dutch stallion, were fourth with 68.667%. Morse and her other stallion, Tip Top 962, a 12-year-old Swedish warmblood by Master 850, were fifth with 68.417%. Cesar Parra and Galant Du Serien, a 12-year-old warmblood stallion by Apache D’Adriers, placed sixth with 67.417%. George Williams and the big bay gelding Marnix placed seventh with 66.788%. Melissa Taylor Yee and the Danish warmblood gelding Succes owned by Lars Petersen placed eighth, scoring 66.542%.

Later in the afternoon, Holzer rode yet another victory lap with Pop Art, sweeping the small tour in two days of competition at the Derby. Pop Art topped a class of 36 horses in the FEI Intermediaire I, scoring 73.333%. For the second day in a row, Denmark’s Lars Petersen of Wellington, Florida, was a close second riding Dacardo for owner Melissa Taylor Yee, scoring 69.00%. Melissa Jackson aboard Wellington claimed third with 68.833%. Two Olympians tied for the fourth place slot – 1996 Atlanta Olympics Team Bronze Medalist Michelle Gibson riding Lex Barker, and 1992 Barcelona Olympics Team Bronze Medalist Charlotte Bredahl Baker riding Eskada – both earning 68.167%. Holzer riding Maxamilian claimed sixth with 67.333%. Emily Gershberg aboard Pancratius was seventh with 67.00%. Silke Rembacz riding Da Capo placed eighth with 66.333%.

The competition at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby CDI***/CDIY (March 3-5) at the Horse Park at Equestrian Estates features two rings of international dressage competition, which includes USEF High Performance Qualifying Competition for the 2006 World Equestrian Games Selection Trials, the USEF National Grand Prix Championship, the USEF National Intermediaire I Championship, and the USEF National Grand Prix Freestyle Championship/US League Final, plus an additional two rings for national competitions that include BLM Qualifying Competition and qualifiers for the USDF/GAIG Regional Championships.

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