Carol Cohen’s Mare Wins TailRx “Best Tail Award” At Autumn Challenge of Champions

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

West Palm Beach, FL (October 27, 2009) – Thanks to her long and luxurious black tail, an elegant Westphalian mare owned by Carol Cohen won the TailRx “Best Tail Award” at the Wellington Classic Dressage’s Autumn Challenge of Champions show. Cohen and her mare, Sam’t Und Seide, were awarded a TailRx prize basket at the show, which was held in conjunction with the USDF Region 3 Dressage Championship, and took place at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center.

Cohen, who owns Two Swans Farm in Wellington, was thrilled to win the award from TailRx, a revolutionary new mane and tail restoration system designed for horses. John Zopatti rode Cohen’s mare, whose name means “silk and velvet,” and the pair also won the third level championship during the show. Zopatti was equally pleased that the mare won the TailRx award, as he uses the product with great success on all of the horses in his barn.

“Our tail regimen up till now has been to just keep her tail clean and not brush it,” Cohen said, after winning the TailRx basket. “I guess that will change now.”

Mary Brunetti, founder of TailRx, said Cohen would definitely be able to brush Sam’t Und Seide’s tail in the future. “TailRx adds volume and makes the tail three times as strong within the first use, just like it does with humans,” Brunetti said. “TailRx also keeps the scalp in such tip top shape and so healthy that it can’t help but grow good hair because it starts at the follicle first.”

Cohen will join hundreds of other riders who have discovered TailRx, a professional hair care system for horses. Following an article in Lucky magazine that touted the product’s benefits for humans, Brunetti said TailRx has been hard to keep on the shelves. “TailRx works on humans as well because we are all mammals and share the same hair follicle structure,” she said.

Brunetti, an award-winning celebrity hair stylist, developed TailRx and the product has revolutionized how horse owner’s care for their horse’s manes and tails. “TailRx is an easy to administer three-step treatment and all horse owners need to do is follow the simple 5-minute application routine,” Brunetti said.  “Horse owners they can expect noticeable improvements from TailRx in the first week and then expect thicker, stronger and longer hair in just a few months.”

For more information on TailRx, visit www.tailrx.com.

Carol Cohen’s mare Sam’t Und Seide, ridden by John Zopatti, won the TailRx “Best Tail Award” at the Wellington Classic Dressage Autumn Challenge of Champions show, held in conjunction with the USDF Region 3 Dressage Championships. TailRx founder Mary Brunetti presents Zopatti with a TailRx prize basket at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.