Carey Wallace President and Master Saddle Fitter at Custom Saddlery

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
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Carey Wallace of Custom SaddleryCary Wallace, President and Master Saddle Fitter at Custom Saddlery is an official sponsor of the United States Dressage Federation. Custom Saddlery is a strong supporter of the equestrian community with their Best Turn out Award, and the All American Saddle Fit Challenge, a program designed to bring awareness to the fact that all saddles need to fit both the horse and rider properly. “We love seeing riders competing in our saddles, it really is a fantastic feeling,” Wallace said, adding that when he sees a horse in a Custom Saddle he knows they are a happy horse because their saddle fits properly.

Custom Saddlery is the saddle service of choice for Pan American Games United States Dressage Team Gold medalists Steffen Peters and Heather Blitz. Be sure to follow Custom Saddlery news and awards on DressageDaily's Virtual Vendor. In addition to Custom Saddles, they carry the Wolfgang Saddle, Icon Saddle, Signature Saddle, and a full line of quality saddle accessories. Master Saddlers represent Custom Saddlery across the country assuring proper fit and service.

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