Care, Custody and Control: Optional But Vital Coverage

Monday, November 15, 2021
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Care, Custody & Control is a vital part of your liability coverage, however it is "Optional" coverage that you can add to your Commercial Equine Farm & Liability policy. I get asked the following question all the time...

Q: I require all my boarders to carry mortality policies on their horses. Do I still need CCC coverage?

A. Yes. While requiring your boarders to have mortality coverage is a great practice, it does not prevent you from being sued should an accident occur. The coverage not only pays out on your behalf should you be liable, it also triggers the policy to include defense costs associated with this type of claim. If the care, custody and control coverage is not included on your policy, there would be no coverage to pay for your defense costs if you were sued. If you would like more information on how Care, Custody & Control coverage works, or discuss your particular scenario to see whether or not, you should be carrying this coverage, please give us a call.

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