Canadian 2004 Short and Long Listed Dressage Riders

Tuesday, January 6, 2004


Dressage Canada is pleased to announce the riders who have obtained listing scores from the 2003 competition season. "Listing is a recognition of superior performance", explains Dressage Canada Chair John Harris", and is an accomplishment for the horse, the rider as well as the owners who support our riders and Canadian Dressage."

Listing is the basis of how Dressage Canada selects horses for the Equine Canada Horse Maintenance Program. Dressage is allocated 20 spots and selection is carried out in descending order beginning with the Short List A horse owners, then to the Short List B horse owners and so on until all spots have been filled. "Even with increased listing threshold scores this year we still have over 30 listed horses eligible for the 20 spots," stated Harris "a very competitive year and an indication of future Canadian successes to come."

Furthermore, Dressage Horse Owner Karen Soupcoff has been named Dressage Canada's Owner of the Year for 2003. The inaugural award recognizes outstanding contributions and support to the sport within Canada.

Soupcoff was recognized at a special presentation made during the Royal Friday November 14th, 2003 in Toronto Ontario. "I was shocked and delighted." exclaimed a happy Soupcoff. "It was wonderful receiving public recognition for the part I have played in this sport. And my father (Harold Soupcoff) was delighted."

One of the many horses in Soupcoff's stable is Grand Prix horse Justin Tyme, ridden by Gillian Sutherland. In their first time ever competing in this year's Canadian League Finals, Sutherland & Justin Tyme finished second to winner Belinda Trussell on Royan II. This gave them an invitation to compete in the first ever Royal Invitational where they finished in 4th position.

Rider Horse Owner

Christilot Boylen - Lucky Lemon - Dora Boylen
Shannon Dueck - Korona - Shannon Dueck
Ashley Holzer - Imperioso - Ashley Holzer
Cindy Ishoy - Proton - Cindy Ishoy
Leslie Reid - Mark - Doug Reid
Evi Strasser - Pryme Tyme - Evi Strasser
Gillian Sutherland - Justin Tyme - Karen Soupcoff
Andrea Taylor - Lex - Sandra Nissen
Andrea Taylor - Dior - Andrea Taylor
Belinda Trussell - Royan II - Belinda Trussell
Julia Vysniauskas - Syntax - Julia Vysniauskas
Alexandria Wilson - Quixote Saint Urus - Dr. Jorge Ferreira da Rocha

Rider Horse Owner

Jacqueline Brooks - Gran Gesto - Brinc Ltd. & Anne Welch
Jessica Costello- Litmanen - Judy Elliott
Jon Costin - Wholio - Jon Costin
Dominique Culham - Matisse - Gordon Culham
Tom Dvorak - Lenz - Equine Canada
Tom Dvorak - Beaumarchais Susan Holden
Tom Dvorak - Sympathie - Kelly Marsh
Ashley Holzer - Gambol - Diane & George Fellows
Rochelle Kilberg - West-Bay - Rochelle Kilberg
Ashleigh Luca - Ivor - Jill Whitehead
Jo Anne Mintz - Koriedon - Jo Anne Mintz & Lynda Hamilton
Daisy Palmer - Rasantos
Leslie Reid - Largo - Leslie Reid
Heather Robertson - Maguin - Heather Robertson
Evi Strasser - Quantum Tyme - Evi Strasser
Alexandria Wilson - Ocean do Top - Dr. Jorge Ferreira da Rocha
Victoria Winter - Davidoff - Victoria Winter


Rider Horse Owner

Tina Busse - Amicelli - Ute Busse & Wendy Beresford
Vincent Carovillano - Cancion - Cope Syndicate
Tom Dvorak - Westside Lady - Susan Platz
Jaimey Irwin - LGF Jacardo - Louise Tomik, Legends Farm
Cindy Ishoy - Coeur de Lion- Neil & Cindy Ishoy
Gillian Sutherland - Karolos - Karen Soupcoff
Belinda Trussell - Hamlet - Anthony Eames
Julia Vysniauskas - Freuden Tanzer - Julia Vysniauskas