Canada and U.S. Para-Equestrian Dressage Teams Vie for Championship at 2011 Dressage Affaire CPEDI3*

Sunday, March 13, 2011
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Del Mar, CA - Intensity, suppleness, and accuracy were on the minds of many dressage riders at the exciting 2011 Dressage Affaire at the Del Mar Horsepark. The main arena was stacked with competition featuring the CPEDI3* Para-Equestrian Dressage competition, (CDI) FEI Intermediaire I, (CDI) FEI Grand Prix, (CDI) FEI Junior Individual Test, and the (CDI) FEI Young Rider Individual Test. Ringing the first bell of the day were the Para-Equestrian Dressage riders. After yesterday’s team test the U.S. riders had one goal in mind. As U.S. rider Eleanor Brimmer affirmed, “This is an opportunity and you just have to go for it!”. With solid tests from Mexico, Canada, and the United States each country deserved a round of applause. In the end five riders earned top scores with one particular athlete earning multiple scores over 70%.
Jody Schloss and Inspector Rebus
Jody Schloss and Inspector Rebus
For the Individual Championship Test in Grade Ia, the duo of rider Jody Schloss and Inspector Rebus earned the blue ribbon with a total score of 66.427%. In Grade Ib it was U.S. rider Jonathan Wentz who secured first place aboard NTEC Ritcher Scale and second place aboard NTEC Daytona Beach. Following Wentz in third was Canadian Ashley Gowanlock. Rounding out the positions was U.S rider Laurietta Oakleaf and Knabstrupper VPRH Pegasus VOM Niehous-HOF in fourth place and U.S Para-Equestrian Donna Ponessa aboard Otto in fifth.

Wentz was thrilled with both of his horses today especially with his new mare NTEC Daytona Beach. He explained, “Ritcher was great today; We were a lot more precise and I thought I rode the test well. Ritcher is such a solid horse that I usually have to focus on keeping myself mentally strong and in the game. Daytona was great; She behaved well, she was moving better, and two of the judges scores even had her placed in front of Ritcher which is what the ultimate goal is for us.”

He continued, “As my trainer Kai (Handt) noticed, a year and a half ago we were earning 60’s with Ritcher and then we moved up to WEG (World Equestrian Games). Daytona is already doing better than Ritcher was at this time last year so I am really excited. In a year and a half London will be here so it is all up from here with Daytona.”

Wentz is the liaison for Para-Equestrian Young Riders. To improve his riding and to maintain his daily mobility of his own body he rides daily and shows as often as possible. “Kai and I travel to many shows throughout the year as possible so when we get to shows that have this type of quality it feels like old hat to us.”

Jonathan Wentz and NTEC Richter Scale
Jonathan Wentz and NTEC Richter Scale
Grade II was once again dominated by talented equestrian Lauren Barwick. Barwick increased yesterday’s scores, which were already above 70%, to earn a 72.698% aboard Oldenburg Off To Paris and a 70.317% with Ferdonia 2. Barwick topped off the Grade II in front of two wonderful rounds from Mexico rider Erika Baitenmann with horses Casablanca and Sandor. In addition to Barwick’s red and blue finishes she also received the top para-equestrian score of 74.286% from one of the three judges at today’s CPEDI3*.

“I couldn’t have asked for anything more from them,” smiled Barwick. “I have only been riding Ferdonia and Off To Paris for about 10 days.” Purchased by Equine Canada, Off to Paris spent four years in Germany until she landed in Wellington, FL where she was chosen by the Canadian team. Also found in the sunshine state was Ferdonia 2. Barwick purchased Ferdonia 2 from sport horse breeders Highlife Farms in Orlando.

Barwick continued, “I want to thank my national coach Andrea Taylor for everything that she has done for me. Since both horses are new Andrea has been here helping me to get both horses accustomed to my aids. We toned everything down this weekend since our major goal is to build a relationship and great partnership with each horse. Considering we are just getting to know one another, I could not have asked for anything better. I am really looking forward to London in 2012.”

Tomorrow Barwick will be riding her first freestyle test with each horse. Watching via webcast will be Barwick’s farm in Ocala, FL. Barwick added, “I would like to thank everyone for this weekend including the horse show, my team, my coaches, and Equine Canada. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us.”

Lauren Barwick and Off To Paris
Lauren Barwick and Off To Paris

Picking up the blue in Grade III was Canada rider Stephanie Ross and her Hanoverian, Wiesenblute. The duo’s performance edged out U.S. pair Vadico Interagro and Eleanor Brimmer. Another one-two finish went to Grade IV equestrian Eleonore Elstone who secured a 67.903% with Donatello and a 66.075% with Why Not G. In third place was U.S. rider Dena Pate aboard her Warmblood Imagine That.

This Saturday was not only the last day to earn scores for each country, but it was also the last day of the Dressage Affaire to qualify for the 2012 Paralympics in London, England. Sunday will begin with the Freestyle Competition followed by a mounted awards ceremony at 10:30 a.m.

On Monday and Tuesday, Para-Equestrian Dressage riders will have the opportunity for a one-on-one clinic with Olympian Debbie McDonald and esteemed judge Hanneke Gerritsen (NED). Each para-equestrian will have the opportunity to showcase their skills, ask questions, and discuss their plan for this year.

March 12, 2011 Preliminary Scores for Para-Equestrian at 2011 Dressage Affaire CPEDI3*(Individual Championship Test)
E: Kathy Amos-Jacob (FRA)
C: Ulf Wilkin (SWE)
M: Hanneke Gerritsen (NED)

Grade Ia Team Test:
Name-Horse (Country)-Judge E- Judge C- Judge M- Score%
1. Jody Schloss (CAN)-Inspector Rebus-67.000%-67.250%-65.000%-66.417%

Grade Ib Team Test:
1. Jonathan Wentz (USA)-NTEC Ritcher Scale-68.478%-65.217%-68.261%-67.319%
2. Jonathan Wentz (USA)-NTEC Daytona Beach-69.565%-68.261%-56.957%-64.928%
4. Ashley Gowanlock (CAN)-DonnyMaskell-63.478%-66.522%-62.391%-64.130%
5. Laurietta Oakleaf (USA)-VPRH Pegasus VOM Niehous-HOF-62.391%-62.609%-63.043%-62.681%
6. Donna Ponessa (USA)-Otto-56.739%-55.870%-59.565%-57.391%

Grade II Team Test:
1.Lauren Barwick (CAN)-Off To Paris-72.381%-74.286%-71.429%-72.698%
2.Lauren Barwick (CAN)-Ferdonia 2-70.238%-71.190%-69.524%-70.317%
3.Erika Baitenmann (MEX)-Casablanca-61.667%-66.667%-65.238%-64.524%
4.Erika Baitenmann (MEX)-Sandor-65.714%-63.810%-58.571%-62.698%

Grade III Team Test:
1. Stephanie Ross (CAN)-Wiesenblute-61.833%-61.333%-58.833%-60.667%
2. Eleanor Brimmer(USA)-Vadico Interagro-57.000%-54.333%-56.333%-55.889%

Grade IV Team Test:
1. Eleonore Elstone(CAN)-Donatello-64.667%-69.032%-70.000%-67.903%
2. Eleonore Elstone(CAN)-Why Not G-66.774%-65.000%-66.452%-66.075%
3. Dena Pate(USA)-Imagine That-49.516%-50.968%-50.000%-50.161%

March 11, 2011 Preliminary Scores for Para-Equestrian at 2011 Dressage Affaire CPEDI3*(Team Test)
E: Hanneke Gerritsen (NED)
C: Kathy Amos-Jacob (FRA)
M: Ulf Wilkin (SWE)

Grade Ia Team Test:
Name-Horse (Country)-Judge E- Judge C- Judge M- Score%
1. Jody Schloss (CAN)-Inspector Rebus- 62.941%-62.353%-59.706%-61.667%

Grade Ib Team Test:
1. Jonathan Wentz (USA)-NTEC Ritcher Scale-65.909%-69.545%-70.000%-68.485%
2. Donna Ponessa (USA)-Otto-65.455%-67.045%-58.182%-63.561%
3. Jonathan Wentz (USA)-NTEC Daytona Beach-57.273%-65.682%59.545%-60.833%
4. Ashley Gowanlock (CAN)-DonnyMaskell-57.727%-64.091%-58.636%-60.152%
5. Laurietta Oakleaf (USA)-VPRH Pegasus VOM Niehous-HOF-60.455%-61.136%-58.636%-60.076%

Grade II Team Test:
1. Lauren Barwick (CAN)-Ferdonia 2-66.429%-71.905%-74.762%-71.032%
2. Lauren Barwick (CAN)-Off To Paris-70.952%-68.333%-70.952%-70.079%
3. Erika Baitenmann (MEX)-Sandor-64.762%-61.429%-64.286%-63.492%
4. Erika Baitenmann (MEX)-Casablanca-65.952%-64.762%-58.571%-63.095%

Grade III Team Test:
1. Stephanie Ross (CAN)-Wiesenblute-60.926%-62.963%-58.148%-60.679%
2. Eleanor Brimmer(USA)-Vadico Interagro-59.630%-60.556%-57.407%-59.198%
3. Beth Levine(USA)-Prince Hopefull-0%-0%0%-E

Grade IV Team Test:
1. Eleonore Elstone(CAN)-Donatello-65.000%-66.563%-64.063%-65.208%
2. Eleonore Elstone(CAN)-Why Not G-61.406%-67.188%-66.563%-65.052%
3. Dena Pate(USA)-Imagine That-53.125%-55.313%-55.625%-54.688%

For more information about The Dressage Affaire visit www.dressageevents.com.

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