Callie Jones Takes Young Rider Team Test of USEF Young Rider Championship

Thursday, August 23, 2018
Posted by Annan Hepner for PS Dressage


Callie Jones and Don Philippo (Photo: Annan Hepner/PS Dressage)

Callie Jones and Don Philippo (Photo: Annan Hepner/PS Dressage)

In the Young Rider Team Test for the USEF Young Rider Dressage National Championship, Callie Jones rode an expressive test on her 10-year-old Hanoverian gelding, Don Philippo, to clinch the win with a 72.255 percent. Jones, who is a member of the Discover Dressage© USEF/USDF Emerging Athlete Program, had the opportunity to represent the U.S. this summer in multiple European competitions as a part of the Young Rider Tour before attending the US Dressage Festival of Champions.

She contributes the experiences she gained training and competing abroad to her recent gold medal win in the USDF North American Young Rider Individual Championship at the Adequan®/FEI North American Youth Championships (NAYC), presented by Gotham North, in Saugerties, New York, earlier this month.

Veronica West and Nobleman (Photo: Emma Miller/PS Dressage)

Veronica West and Nobleman (Photo: Emma Miller/PS Dressage)

Veronica West made the long-haul from Marina Del Rey, California, and placed second with a 70.196 percent aboard her 19-year-old Hanoverian gelding, Nobleman. The imported schoolmaster has helped develop West from First Level to the Young Rider level over the past five years.

Earning the third-place finish with a score of 69.559 percent was Nicole Scarpino on Lambada 224, her 11-year-old Hanoverian mare. The pair recently placed fourth in the USDF North American Dressage Freestyle Championship at NAYC.

Nicole Scarpino and Lambada 224 (Photo: Annan Hepner/PS Dressage)

Nicole Scarpino and Lambada 224 (Photo: Annan Hepner/PS Dressage)

The Young Rider combinations will compete in two tests, the Young Rider Team Test (50 percent) and the Young Rider Individual Test (50 percent), to determine the tricolor winner. The Young Rider Individual Test will take place Friday, Aug. 24, at 3 p.m.

Callie Jones – Young Rider Team Test winner
On Her Test:

“I was very happy with my test today. My horse was really reliable as always. The trot work was excellent so I was super happy with that. He did get a little fired up in the canter work so I just had to remind myself to stay relaxed and calm so I could give him the confidence. Hopefully, on Friday, we can be a little more relaxed. Overall, I was very happy with my ride. I just hope that on Friday we put out another clean test. I want it to be a positive experience and no matter the outcome, I’ll be happy.”

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On How Her Success this Summer Prepared Her:
“Going to Europe was a huge step for us. It really boosted my confidence because the riding over there is top-notch. I saw that they weren’t afraid to take risks, but that they’re human and they make mistakes too. That really encouraged me to take risks and not be afraid to work outside of the box a little bit. That all really helped prepare me for NAYC and this as well.”

Veronica West – Young Rider Team Test second place
On Her Test:

“Overall, I was really happy with my ride today. The trot work started off really well. We had a bobble early on from a little spook but we recovered well. I think that some of our highlights were our three and four tempi changes and some of our extended work. I think he felt really good and had really good energy so I’m really happy.”

Veronica West and Nobleman (Photo: Emma Miller)

Veronica West and Nobleman (Photo: Emma Miller)

On Nobleman:
“I’ve had Nobleman for five years now. We imported him as a schoolmaster from Europe. He has taken me all the way from First Level to now Young Rider level and he has been the best partner I could have ever asked for. He is always there for me and it’s been really cool to learn from him. Our partnership has really developed and we’re a strong team now.”

Nicole Scarpino – Young Rider Team Test third place
On Her Test:

“I was really happy with her because it was a very solid test for her. I was happy with how well she stayed with me and listened to me. She didn’t really question anything that I asked her to do. I was really happy with our canter work because the energy was good and she was just on it. The trot work needs a little bit more self-carriage and I could clean up a few more spots.”

Nicole Scarpino and Lambada 224 (Photo: Annan Hepner)

Nicole Scarpino and Lambada 224 (Photo: Annan Hepner)

On Her Horse:
“I’ve had my mare since she was 6 and now she is 11. We’ve come up through the levels together. I just have really great people around me too. My coach, Anne Gribbons, really helped me develop her and develop me as a rider. It’s been really cool to develop that relationship with her over time. I know her really well and she knows me really well so it’s been a special connection.”

Results: Young Rider Team Test
Rider / Horse / Owner / Total Score
1. Callie Jones / Don Philippo / Callie Jones / 72.255
2. Veronica West / Nobleman / Veronica West / 70.196
3. Nicole Scarpino / Lambada 224 / Nicole Scarpino / 69.559
4. Kayla Kadlubek / Perfect Step / Kayla Kadlubek / 68.578
5. Lexy Donaldson / Power Play / Lexy Donaldson / 67.402
6. Kayla Kadlubek / Freewill / Kayla Kadlubek / 66.569