California Fire Continues to Rage

Saturday, December 9, 2017
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Nature is an unpredictable, untamable force that we all have to learn to deal with. Sometimes mother nature can really show her wrath. As many of you there are currently six fires burning in California. Unfortunately, the dry conditions and high winds have caused them all to move rather quickly, and as of this morning most were only 5 percent contained.

One of the fires has raged through parts of southern California causing mass evacuations of people and horses alike. Middle Ranch was one of the farms that had to evacuate to the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. The upper part of Lower Middle Ranch was severely burned and everyone; horses and humans alike were able to get out in time.

Susann Regalmuto, a dressage trainer who calls Middle Ranch home, lost both her barn and her house. Dressage trainer Ulf Wadeborn said that his barn is still standing but nobody is sure when they can return home.

(Photo: Lehua Custer)

Interested in how to help?

Los Angeles Equestrian Center has put up a GoFundMe, This fundraiser is to raise money to help restore their lives back to what they once had. Donations in the form of feed, tack, Clothing (including boots, blankets, sheets etc), training items (lunge lines, whips etc) and medication/medical attention are all needed! Whatever funds are raised will go towards whatever is needed for Equine victims! Anything helps!

Here is a list of donation items

Wish lists are live at Da Moor’s and Dressage Extensions for Susann Regalmuto
Simply call in to Da Moor’s and ask for Heather or Bree ‭+1 (818) 242-2841‬
For Dressage Extensions- Email (address emails to Natalie)
They have the lists and people wishing to donate just provide a credit card number. You can make a blanket monetary donation to be applied or ask to pay for a specific item(s)