Calendar for Combined Driving Dates in Southeast and Florida 2022/2023

Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Posted by Mary Phelps


The sport of combined driving is alive and well in the USA, especially here in Central Florida and throughout the Southeast. We will do our best to "unofficially" keep track of dates for our community on this page and in this section.

Please note: This is unofficial, and dates can change, so please refer to this page often when making plans.

When I started driving in 2009, with my little rescue Shetland, Buddy, I would have never imagined I'd be driving four ponies at Live Oak, or to compete for the USA in a Pony World Championships, but we did. This is our effort to help give back to a sport we love. We are excited to see how it has grown, and hope to be making more friends in the months to come.
Mary Phelps - CombinedDrivingDaily.com

Here is the growing list of events:

Please feel free to contact me, mary@horsesdaily.com if you would like your event added to this list. We will supply basic info only at no charge. If you would like horsesdaily to do more for your event, we can, for a fee. We can create a landing page, horsesdaily.com/name of your event to help provide information. Just send me an e-mail and we will do our best.

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