Building a Half-Halt with Andy Marcoux

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a horse that takes a few strides to get into a nice trot or canter and one that seems to move seamlessly through one transition to the next.  How about why some horses always seem to have correct bend in every corner, while others look out as if there might be someone just outside of the ring that they've been looking for all day?  The difference is almost always the half-halt.   

Of course, many people make the mistake that the half-halt is a skill that the driver or rider needs to learn and apply to the horse.  In fact, your horse needs to learn to recognize a half-halt, and know how to respond to it accordingly.  Only when both the horse and the equestrian both learn and understand the mechanics of the half-halt can it be put to it's best and highest use.  That's why I refer to this process as "Building a Half-halt".

There is a great way of building a half-halt into your riding and driving through specific exercises.  These exercises are not long, complicated routines.  They are simple, easy to follow and can be worked into just about any warm routine or used on their own as a quick productive workout for you and your horse. 

On Thursday, October 18th I'll be hosting an online training on "Building a Half-halt".  There will be two sessions of this training offered. The first one will be in the early evening for the early to bed and rise crowd at 7pm eastern daylight savings time. The second session for the night owls and left coasters will start at 10pm edt.  

The live, interactive online training will last 90 minutes.  You'll be able to ask questions and hear the answers to other people's questions you may not have thought of.  You'll receive handouts including the entire presentation and lesson plans that you can put to use the next day in your training.   

Some of the exercises I'll be giving to you were handed to me more than 20 years ago, and I still use those skills every time I ride, long line or drive a horse!  I think you'll certainly carry something valuable away from this class.  

If you haven't participated in an online training before, you're missing out on a great way of learning more about your horses.  It may seem a bit counter-intuitive to sit at a computer to learn about something that is ultimately a low-tech skill primarily based on feel.  Yet, this is a great format to get together with a diverse group of people who have a lot of the same questions and curiosities about the same things you may struggle with with your horse.  

Share this with whomever you like, because it's going to apply to anyone who uses horses for riding, driving, jumping, bicycling or anything else they do with horses!  (You might want to sign up first, then tell them... because space will be limited)

Take care,