Build a Sound Body and Mind with Hand Walking by Jeremy Steinberg

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Quick tips from the Trilogy Ambassadors brought to you by TrilogySaddles.com
I want every horse in my barn regardless of breed or level to think they are the best horse in the entire world! To help with that, I graze and hand walk them regularly both at home and at shows so they get extra hands on time to help make them feel special. The walking is great for their soundness and the grazing helps to keep their digestive track working and healthy. The extra time with them gives them a sense of importance and adds to their confidence. In that extra hour or so a day, we are contributing to every aspect of the horses health! It's worth the time!

Jeremy's accomplishments include a highly praised appearance as demo rider at the 2001 USDF Isabel Werth Symposium and as a competitor in the USET Festival of Champions, an invitation-only event featuring the top 12 FEI riders in the nation, based on scores from regional championships. Jeremy is a self-confessed fanatic when it comes to the care and training of his horses, and it was this attention to detail that brought him to become a Trilogy Ambassador.