Bucky Reynolds and Jack Towell Teach Improved Show Ring Performance

Friday, September 18, 2015
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Bucky Reynolds looks on and offers instruction to a rider over fences

Bucky Reynolds looks on and offers instruction to a rider over fences

The Virginia Horse Center is proud to continually attract many of the nation's top horses, rider and trainers, and on Aug. 24-25, the Horse Center welcomed two of the country's leading names in the hunter industry: Bucky Reynolds and Jack Towell.

The accomplished horsemen presented two days of clinics geared toward improving horse and rider performance in the show ring. The clinic, held in the Wiley Ring of the Horse Center, offered sections for riders at 2'6", 3' and 3'3", and each two-hour session incorporated flat work, jumping exercises and course work. Each session was then followed by an opportunity for riders to ask Reynolds and Towell questions as trainers and judges about any aspect of riding and showing.

Among the clinic participants were three horses and riders from Chatham Hall, an all-girls college-preparatory boarding school located in Chatham, Virginia. Having just arrived for the start of the school year, the clinic presented the young riders with the perfect opportunity to prepare for their upcoming riding and show season.

"It was great for us because we used it as kind of a pre-season. We're hoping they'll do it again next year at the same time," said Samantha Fleming, the Assistant Director of Riding at Chatham Hall. "We were really pleased with the way that they both took the time to understand each of our individual students and the Chatham Hall school horses."

Chatham Hall riders ready for the clinic

Chatham Hall riders ready for the clinic

Fleming continued, "Bucky and Jack both teach very similarly to the way that myself and the director teach - very hands on, understanding your horse. We liked it so much, we invited Bucky to come back and teach at Chatham Hall in October!"

In addition to specifically appreciating the opportunity to ride under Reynolds and Towell, Fleming and the team at Chatham Hall are all thankful for the many opportunities presented by having the Horse Center in their own backyard just two hours away.

"We're trying to get into the Horse Center more and more," Fleming said. "We're really excited because the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) Zone 3 finals will be there in March, and Chatham Hall will be running the barn." Fleming concluded, "It's just wonderful to have such a beautiful facility in the area and to have access to it."