Brian Walker Wins Maclay National Championship for the ASPCA Horsemanship Classes at 118th National Horse Show

Sunday, November 4, 2001

New York, NY-November 4, 2001--Brian Walker of Quebec, Canada won the Maclay National Championship for the ASPCA Horsemanship Classes at the 118th National Horse at Madison Square Garden in New York.
With his win, Walker joins a list of impressive champions that includes U.S. Olympic medalists Bill Steinkraus, Frank Chapot, Mary Mairs Chapot, George Morris, Conrad Homfeld and Leslie Burr Howard.
Fifty junior equitation riders qualified for the Finals through a series of regional championships. The Maclay competition consisted of a series of four phases. The first phase was a jumping round consisting of eleven fences. The top 30 returned for Sunday morning's flat phase where the riders were tested again, with the top 15 returning for Sunday afternoon's jumping phase. Ten riders were pinned in the final round.
Ralph Caristo, one of the three Maclay judges, said, "Brian took charge of the course, that's why we didn't test the top 4 riders. Brian stayed on top."
Brian admitted that it feels great to succeed. "I went in the ring with a mission, to do my best."
This year is Brian's last year competing as a Junior Rider. He is trained by Missy Clark.
Californian Travis Lubow finished as Reserve Champion. Judge Susan Humes said that, "Travis's performance put him clearly apart from the remaining competitors."
Lubow said the course, "left no room for a lack of control." Travis leaves the Junior ranks this year as well. He is trained by Karen Healey.
Other ribbon winners included: 
3. Erin Stewart 
4. Andrew Ramsay 
5. Jamie Taylor 
6. Caitlyn Shiels 
7. Britni Belcher 
8. Katie Gardner 
9. Abby Carpenter 
10. Whitney Hollinger