Brian O'Connor Discovers the Ultimate Tool For an Accurate Dressage Test

Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Posted by Mary Phelps


Dressage announcer Brian O'Connor discovered the ultimate tool for guaranteed great dressage scores. You must have a Norwegian Fjord do do this. Eleni Econopouly riding Wendy Luscome's Oragonne (aka Fuzz) reserve regional first level champion at first level in 2014, and hoping to break out this spring at third. At Dressage in Saratoga in 2014 her scores were in the 70's. This and what O'Connor discovered to be the ultimate tool for high scores in dressage, prompted him to produce this video and reveal Eleni's secret to success. The Fjords have helped me be more accurate in my riding." Watch the video to see how!

"The Fjords willingness to work with their rider really allows you to develop a partnership with them." Eleni explains. I do more than just ring work to better my (and the horses) dressage. I spend time jumping, doing cavaletti work, going on gallops, and riding hills. When I'm out on the trails or doing grid work with them, I place them in a situation where they need to adapt their body (collection, flying change, extension, ect) and then apply my aids.

I've learned that with the Fjords, if you give them a reason to do something, they do it, and then transfer it into to ring. However, if I try to teach them something in the ring they seem less excited about it although they will still try. They make me happy riding them because of how willing and forgiving they are. If I make a mistake in my riding the just seem to shrug their shoulders and say "she's at it again.. let's just give her a second to recollect herself."

And how does one maintain one of the secret weapon for getting great dressage scores? "During the summer all that is needed is a scissor trim once or twice a month depending on how much it grows. The middle of the mane (the black part) stays just a little longer then the sides. During the winter, we decided to roach them with clippers only because of how poofy they get.