Breaking News! RV and Car Fire Destroys Missy Ransehousen's Winter Residence at Blue Hill South, Citra, Florida

Monday, February 23, 2015
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Blue Hill Farm South suffered a terribly shocking experience yesterday in Ocala, when Missy's living quarters coach went up in flames, taking her Subaru with it.  She is going to be ok, and thankfully Brigitte Aikelin and Tiffany Smith who were nearby acted quickly to get our beloved Jamie out of the coach.  Missy and all of her dogs are ok, and for that we are eternally grateful.

Missy is in the midst of working with the fire marshal and the insurance company to hopefully recover her losses, but she had most of her material goods packed in that camper.  We are also getting her some clothes and sorting through priority supplies to get her life back to normal as quickly as possible.  Thankfully we have a tight knit team at Blue Hill Farm, and with the help of her amazing Ocala farm owner, Cindy, she will be ok.

She has a big support crew around her and we're working to get her some basic needs until insurance has kicked in!!  In the mean time, we've also reached out to some of her sponsors so she can get replacement outer wear, competition clothes, and basic essentials.

Missy is a size 6 for clothes, size 28 breech and a size 8 foot size.  She is NOT one to ask for help, so we are organizing this on her behalf.

Her address in the Ocala area is:

653 W Highway 316
Citra, Fl.  32113

Specific questions can be sent to:
Lisa Thomas -  Lisa@midatlanticeqservices.com

Thank you to our amazing eventing community for pulling together to help.