Breaking Euro News - Adelinde Cornelissen's Parzival Diagnosed with Arrhythmia

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Adelinde Cornelissen and Parzival (Photo: © Astrid Appels)
Adelinde Cornelissen and Parzival (Photo: © Astrid Appels)
Eurodressage.com has breaking news as Adelinde Cornelissen's Parzival is diagnosed with arrhythmia. At a press conference held in Rotterdam today, Dutch team trainer Wim Ernes announced that Adelinde Cornelissen and Parzival are not selected on the Dutch CDIO Rotterdam team because Parzival is not fit. The horse has been diagnosed with arrhythmia. "Parizval has conditional issues. He couldn't keep up with the work and was not so active as usual," Ernes explained. Dutch team veterinarian Jan Greve examined the horse last Saturday and diagnosed arrhythmia. The 16-year old Dutch warmblood gelding (by Jazz x Ulft) is now at the Universitary Clinic in Ghent, Belgium, under the care of Prof. Dr. Gunther van Loon, who treated the horse successfuly on Monday.Read the full story at Eurodressage.com!