Brazilian Rider Continue their Dreams about a Future with Dressage

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last year a lot of CDI3* shows have been held in Sao Paulo Brazil. This especially with the purpose for Brazilian riders to improve their international scores in order to be allowed to compete at the OG in Hong Kong.  Fortunately a Brazilian team got qualified. However stallion Nilo from rider Rogerio Clementino didn’t pass the vet check and there the Brazilian dream of the first ever Brazilian team competing at Olympic Games ended.

However Brazilian faith in dressage is not lost. At the CDI3* in Sao Paulo again a deserved win of Nilo and Rogerio Clementino could be celebrated.

The Lusitano Horse becomes more popular too. The breed is well known for its exceptional performance in all equestrian disciplines. It is no surprise that Lusitanos have been exported to a lot of countries and trained in jumping, dressage, driving, and even as cutting horses.

At Coudelaria Ilha Verde’s the 11th International Luso-Brasileiro Auction recently was held on Saturday, May 10th, 2008. A special Lusitano collection even was held in Florida at the end of February. While the Lusitano Collection is a trademark created by five premier world breeders of the Lusitano horse, this year’s collection only included horses from Interagro Farms, the largest Lusitano breeder and exporter in the world and Coudelaria Rocas do Vouga of Brazil.

Interagro was founded in 1975. Swedish-born Pia Aragão, Brazilian Dressage Champion, is responsible for the ytraining of the Lusitano horses at Interagro. She explains about the Lusitano: “The objective of our work is to have all of our animals achieve international standards of dressage. The horses can be ridden safely and trouble-free by anyone anywhere in the world.” She also noted that the four- and five-year old horses that travelled to the US for auction had lovely ground manners, loaded well and could easily compete in dressage at the novice level.

Competing at the WEG in Kentucky with a Brazilian team, is still in the stars. “However, no dreams, no future!”, Manuel Almeida said, father of young competitor Luiza Almeida who trained with Belgian Johan Zagers in Europe to meet international standards.

Photo Credits:Claartje van Andel

  • This sad moment of not passing the vet check in Hong Kong was posted at the website of dressagedirect last year…
  • Rogerio Clementino on Nilo here training at home again won the CDI3* Sao Paulo