Bornislav Chudyba Has One Up his Sleeve !

Thursday, December 3, 2015

 Bornislav Chudyba and Extasy III

Bornislav Chudyba and Extasy III (Photo: ©Sportfot)

"My mare is extremely fast", admits Bornislav Chudyba as he comes out of the arena. In fact she’s very, veryfast. With a lead of almost four seconds, the Slovakian rider, paired up with Extasy III, wins the Prix Free Lance, the second event of the Prestige Trophy. When he saw just how many seconds he was beaten by, in true sportsmanship style, François-Xavier Boudant declared jokingly, "That’s because I stopped half way round to have a coffee!"

João Victor Castro shows just how young and brilliant he is: already this morning's winner, he's now second on the podium in this 1,45 m event, just ahead of the apple of the French public's eye, Camille Condé Ferreira, the defending junior champion. This stage of the Longines Masters, which brings together the world's top riders, is also a springboard to the future 6* Generation!

Bronislav Chudyba has already taken part in the Prestige Trophy last year and this year marks his first Paris victory. Always thrilled to be at the Longines Masters of Paris, he hopes to come back next year to ride in the bigger events. Tomorrow evening he'll get a glimpse of what this feels like since he's due to ride in the Longines Speed Challenge. Watching him battle it out against the top riders, in the world's fastest event will undoubtedly be a sight to see!

All results of the class are available here