Bob Standish Joins Reining Horse Sports Foundation

Sunday, April 7, 2002
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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma –  Reining Horse Sports Foundation President Frank Costantini announced March 24 that former United States Equestrian Team Executive Director Bob Standish has joined the Foundation as a fund raising consultant.

Costantini was generous in his praise of Standish as he welcomed him to the new position. "We're thrilled to have Bob on board with the Reining Horse Sports Foundation. His fundraising abilities have been second to none in the last ten to fifteen years. We're excited to have someone of Bob's caliber become available and are honored to have him working with us."

The Reining Horse Sports Foundation, a 501-C-3 tax-exempt corporation, was created in 2001 to provide a charitable entity for the reining world. Current foundation programs include the Youth Program, the Intercollegiate Judging Contest, the NRHA Hall of Fame, as well as international expansion, education and research.

Standish commented, "I am really excited to be involved with the Reining Horse Sports Foundation. I think it is an organization with a realistic purpose, a good strategic plan and a focused objective to promote, promulgate and support the sport of reining. I will be actively engaged in assisting the Foundation to raise funds."

According to Reining Horse Sports Foundation officials, Standish will primarily focus on securing funds to help grow reining internationally. Since the Foundation’s framework enables individuals or entitles to support reining in a personalized manner, he'll work with donors to facilitate special projects. Donors may earmark funds donated to the Foundation for general support of reining, development of a specific event or venue or even in support of a specific country to assist in development or team competition expenses.

Much of Standish’s initial efforts will be directed toward supporting the upcoming World Equestrian Games. “Participation in the World Equestrian Games is critically essential to our continued strategy of promoting reining to the international equestrian community, " said Standish. He continued, "Our ultimate long-term goal is for acceptance as an Olympic sport; the only way to ever achieve that is to participate in the World Equestrian Games."

In his former position with the United States Equestrian Team, Standish was instrumental in acceptance by the USET and the FEI, and he sees this new position as one that allows him to continue the work he started then. "It is with great personal satisfaction that I can take this opportunity to continue my efforts to support this sport that means so much to me, both personally and professionally. I consider it an honor and a great privilege to be associated with the Reining Horse Sports Foundation and the reining community," he commented.

The National Reining Horse Association is the worldwide governing body of reining, responsible for promoting the sport, working to insure the highest standards of competition and educating members and the public. For information on the Reining Horse Sports Foundation, call 405-946-7400 or email to reiningfoundation@nrha.com